How To Lower The Tone

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How To Lower The Tone
How To Lower The Tone

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Baritone men on a primitive level are more attracted to women than men with a higher voice. This is because men with low voices have more testosterone in their blood. Since testosterone is a male reproductive hormone, it makes men more attractive to women.

How to lower the tone
How to lower the tone


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Today, holders of medium and high pitched voices can permanently lower their voice in several ways. The first way to lower the voice is by injecting testosterone. Lack of testosterone in the body does not lead to lower voice as we age. In this case, it is necessary to take hormone tablets prescribed by a specialist doctor, or to undergo a course of injections. As soon as the testosterone level is normal for an adult male, the timbre of the voice may gradually decrease.

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The second way to lower the tone is medical intervention. This is somewhat risky because you may end up with a different tone of voice than you would like. There are surgical procedures that involve artificially changing the human vocal apparatus. This will help lower your voice to a certain frequency. In addition to being risky, such techniques are very expensive.

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Finally, the easiest and most beginner-recommended way to lower your voice is with voice training and conditioning. Setting and conditioning involves a set of specific exercises for the vocal cords and articulation apparatus, a method that requires persistence and constant training. Preparation of the vocal cords and vocal apparatus is quite easy, but the process of lowering the tone by lowering the level of the larynx and in the throat can take several years. Voice training also involves changing your habitual breathing pattern. According to statistics, thanks to voice training, 19 people out of 20 achieve results.

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