How To Choose Colored Lenses

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How To Choose Colored Lenses
How To Choose Colored Lenses

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Colored contact lenses that can change the color of the iris are in high demand. Violet, sky blue, sapphire, emerald or honey eyes - you can choose any color you want.

How to choose colored lenses
How to choose colored lenses

What are colored lenses?

There are various types of colored lenses on the market today.

Tinted (tinted) emphasize the natural color of the eyes, add depth to the look and make it more expressive. Such lenses, being translucent, can radically change only the shade of light eyes. They will not work for those with a dark iris.

Colored opaque lenses, designed for a radical change of the image, can be worn by owners of both light and dark eyes. When purchasing this accessory, make sure that the complex pattern imitating the iris on the lens is clear enough. This feature will make your eyes look more natural.

Opaque cosmetic lenses are designed to correct various eye imperfections. For example, a well-defined pupil will help to hide a thorn. Corrective lenses allow you to change your eye color if you have myopia or hyperopia. There are also multifocal lenses.

Decorative (club, carnival) lenses will make you stand out from the crowd and make your eyes look vampire, feline, star-shaped or heart-patterned. Such lenses have begun to be used in films. And then they hit the market. Decorative lenses are a fashionable accessory that will make your look extravagant and unreal.

Therapeutic lenses are used as a protective agent or in the treatment of corneal disease. They should be selected by an ophthalmologist.

How to choose colored lenses: recommendations

So you've decided which colored lenses are right for you. Now you need to contact a specialist who, based on the anatomy of your eye, will be able to exclude contraindications for wearing such an accessory. He will advise on the choice of precise centering, diopter values ​​and radius of curvature. If you do not have the opportunity to visit it, you can choose colored lenses yourself.

Choose products from a reputable manufacturer. Reputable manufacturing companies pay special attention to the quality of their products and provide consumers with maximum information. It will be easier for you to navigate the parameters, as well as reduce the likelihood of error.

Lenses used for a short time will avoid large financial costs. With significant savings, you can immediately determine whether they are right for you or make you unpleasant. When you are convinced of the convenience, you can use the lenses of the same manufacturer, but with a longer service life.

Before you go shopping for colored contact lenses, think carefully about your new look. The shade of the eyes should fit harmoniously into it. In order to finally decide, you can use a special computer program. However, the color rendition will be most accurate only when fitting.

But it is better to choose opaque lenses after consulting a specialist. This is to make your vision as comfortable as possible.

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