How To Choose A Wobbler For Pike

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How To Choose A Wobbler For Pike
How To Choose A Wobbler For Pike

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Wobbler is a bait that imitates a live bait. There are many types of this rig, and not all of them are suitable for pike fishing. For this fish, you need to choose wobblers, the characteristics of which take into account the peculiarities of the behavior of the pike.

Different types of wobblers are used in pike fishing
Different types of wobblers are used in pike fishing


Step 1

When looking for a suitable wobbler for fishing pike, you first need to find out what its buoyancy is. There are three types of this bait: sinking (negative buoyancy), floating (positive buoyancy) and neutral buoyancy. All types are needed for pike fishing, but you should remember the characteristics of each wobbler.

Step 2

The color of the bait should be close to natural, gloss with characteristic tints, reminiscent of the luster of live fish scales. These baits are great for pike fishing anywhere. If the bite is weak, you can change the bait to a brighter one. Sometimes this method is very effective.

Step 3

For pike fishing, you can use wobblers for spinning and trolling. The latter are good for fishing at depth, but for such fishing you need to have a certain skill of deepening the bait. Therefore, the best choice for pike is spinning baits.

Step 4

The quality of wobblers directly depends on the manufacturer. There are many complaints about Chinese nozzles: their color quickly loses color, and their buoyancy does not correspond to the declared one. Russian and American baits are considered the best.

Step 5

The period before the pike spawning (early spring) is one of the most successful for fishing with a smooth wobbler. At this time, it is recommended to use such nozzle models as suspension or "minnow". They imitate the behavior of fry better than others and are able to "stir up" the pike, which is passive during this period. The wobbler must be adjusted so that it hovers in the water for 5-10 seconds in a horizontal position. To do this, you can change the tee to a heavier one or add a winding ring.

Step 6

When fishing with a sinking type of bait, the wiring should be special: you should alternate "torn" with uniform. If wobblers with neutral buoyancy are used, you need to use the jump type of wiring: perform chaotic jerks with the tip of the spinning rod. A positive buoyancy bait is good for fishing in the upper layers of water. The wiring range can be up to 6m.

Step 7

When the pike spawns, a more active bait will be required. The best choice during this period will be models of the "fat" type with rattles. They will be able to provide the proper vibration of the water, which occurs when small fish move. Often the pike bites well on these lures during the summer heat. Therefore, in the arsenal of a fisherman, there must be such wobblers.

Step 8

You can also stimulate a lazy summer bite with the help of rattlin - wobblers that can confidently hold the horizon and vibrate effectively. They require slow, uniform wiring. The rattlins are also good at fishing in the shallows.

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