Divination On The Runes Of Odin: Features

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Divination On The Runes Of Odin: Features
Divination On The Runes Of Odin: Features
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For a long time, man has tried to look into the future with at least one eye. Fortune-telling has always been condemned by representatives of the Orthodox Church and was considered a great sin, but curiosity turned out to be stronger for most people. A well-known divination tool is the Scandinavian runes, or Odin's runes.

Divination on the runes of Odin: features
Divination on the runes of Odin: features

The runes of Odin are a kind of oracle of the ancient peoples of Scandinavia, which helped the harsh Viking warriors predict how their future would turn out. They consulted with the runes when it was time to get married, before going to war with neighboring tribes or laying the foundation for building a future home, as well as on many other more everyday issues. Over the past decades, public interest in runes as a divination tool has begun to grow. How do they guess on the Scandinavian runes, and what are the features of such fortune telling?

What are the runes of Odin and where can I get them?

Initially, the runes are the alphabet of the northern peoples. However, each of them has many meanings, and both the direct and inverted position of the rune are equally important. In most cases, a rune that has a positive meaning in a direct position, for example, Fehu - well-being, prosperity, livestock - falling out in an inverted position, acquires a negative meaning - lack of money, impoverishment, pestilence of domestic animals. This nuance must be taken into account when interpreting the runic alignment along with the combinations of runes among themselves.

Of course, you can buy a ready-made set of runes in an esoteric store, but the most accurate predictions will be given by runes made by yourself. Keep in mind that only natural materials should be used for their manufacture: clay, wood, stone, and so on, even small oval shells brought from a seaside vacation will do. Before carving runes on them - it will be more correct and more durable than just writing symbols with paint - ask for a blessing from the Northern gods.

How should one read Odin's runes?

Most experts in fortune telling on Scandinavian runes agree that before starting the fortune telling process, you need to clean the room, ventilate it, escort all family members and domestic animals out of it, and light a candle. After that, appeal to the ancient Northern gods and ask them through your runes to give truthful answers to all your questions.

For fortune telling, you can use any of the popular layouts. Beginners in rune work prefer the four- or seven-rune layout, which are easier to interpret than more complex options. A detailed description of the layouts is in various literature on working with runes, for example, in the book by Konstantin Batyushkov; there you will also find the interpretation of the fallen runes. After the end of the fortune-telling, thank the gods for their help and carefully put the runes back into the linen bag, where they are stored. Only then can you extinguish the candle flame with your fingers.

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