Why Do Some People Like Sweet, Others Bitter, And Still Others Sour

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Why Do Some People Like Sweet, Others Bitter, And Still Others Sour
Why Do Some People Like Sweet, Others Bitter, And Still Others Sour

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Have you ever wondered why your body requires foods of this or that taste (sweet, sour or salty) and what benefits they can bring you?

What flavor do you prefer?
What flavor do you prefer?

Taste theories

Some experts believe that taste preferences are related to the person's blood type. Astrology connects these preferences with belonging to one or another sign of the zodiac. Many doctors believe that the choice of food taste is related solely to the health status of each patient.

And they are right in many ways. The state of human health is directly related to the system in which he eats (or lack thereof). Statistical studies confirm that people who abuse meat products most often suffer from stomach cancer. And those who follow a vegetarian diet are significantly less likely to get sick. The effect of foods on the body continues to be studied, and it is important for a person to listen to his body in order to maintain health.

How human health and eating habits are related

If the body often asks for sour, it is worth going to see a gastroenterologist. Your stomach may be very low in acidity. It can also pull on sour foods during a cold. “acidic foods” contain vitamin C, which is so necessary for the body against colds. In addition, the sour taste is an excellent stimulant of appetite.

Craving for salt is manifested in people in whose bodies there are any chronic inflammations or infections. Often people who strive to add salt to each of their dishes suffer from cystitis, prostatitis, lowered immunity, inflammation of the appendages. Do not be reminded that excess salt is harmful to the body, do not be zealous.

If you feel a craving for bitter and pungent tastes, this means that your body is prone to intoxication. Spicy foods thin the blood, remove fats, and cleanse blood vessels. In moderation, spicy foods can be very beneficial to the body. But be careful, acute can irritate the mucous membrane.

If you are drawn to chocolate, candy and other sweets, this may be a signal that your body is overworked. This is how the lack of carbohydrates manifests itself. Unfortunately, sugar cravings can also be a sign of parasites in the body. It is necessary to limit the amount of sweets for lunch, because excessive sweetness reduces the protective functions of the body. Also, sweets violate hormonal functions, metabolism, and contribute to the appearance of excess weight.

A bit of psychology

Each craving for taste has its own psychological aspect. So, for example, people who prefer sour are prone to resentment, revenge, and malice. Those who are zealous with sweets may be lazy, seeking excessive pleasure. Those who are used to salt food abundantly are usually hardworking, hardy, focused on results, and those who like peppers and spicy dishes are passionate, used to penetrate the essence of things.

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