Do I Have To Believe In Miracles

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Do I Have To Believe In Miracles
Do I Have To Believe In Miracles
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Belief in miracles is usually attributed to young children, because only they can think that fairies, wizards or dragons actually exist in the world. However, adults also need at least a little miracle in life.

Do I have to believe in miracles
Do I have to believe in miracles

Belief in a miracle is important for every person. It gives hope, allows you to overcome difficulties, maintains a positive attitude and a good attitude towards life.

Children's belief in miracles

Young children perceive the world quite differently from adults. They are more defenseless and not strong enough to withstand fear and adversity. It is thanks to this that a kind of protective mechanism is developed in children: they begin to believe that there is some kind of force that can save them from fear or suffering. This is how the idea of ​​omnipotent parents who can do everything, as well as good and evil wizards and creatures, appears. In adulthood, this feeling of omnipotent support often develops into religious belief, attributing all unusual manifestations to the Almighty.

Belief in a miracle in children develops imagination, creative thinking, encourages the child's ability to dream. This is what will help him in the future to set goals for himself in life, cope with failures, and boldly look into the future. Therefore, a miracle plays a significant role in a child's life and it should not be deprived of it too early. It is best for parents to support the baby's faith in Santa Claus, a goldfish, talking toys for as long as possible, because this is what constitutes childhood.

Adult attitudes towards miracles

In adulthood, belief in a miracle is also important. It removes the framework and many complexes of a person when he realizes that nothing is impossible, even if something does not fit into the usual idea. The ability to overcome the boundaries of reason is not subject to all people, but those who learn to do this are constantly looking for new ways, find a way out of desperate situations, overcome obstacles, they will definitely achieve their goal, they are ahead of their rivals or competitors. And it is extremely useful to be able to do it in a constantly changing world.

However, most adults are quite cynical about believing in something intangible, which they cannot prove. Their reason and logic sometimes kill any opportunity to think irrationally and allow themselves to believe in the impossible. However, when a person closes the opportunity for a miracle or something unusual, then sometimes he also abandons his intuition, and this is what allows him to predict the course of events or see prospects in some issue or activity. By forbidding oneself to intuitive thinking, a person deprives himself of luck, luck that suddenly appears on the way, he does not see the signals that fate gives him.

Of course, we can say that nothing like this exists in the world, and all success is just a coincidence, but without faith even this he cannot achieve. By believing in something, people show their willingness to accept change and a positive attitude towards them. All this gives strength and opportunity to realize their desires and ideas. In addition, belief in a miracle is the ability to find good and good, which is preserved in the soul of every person.

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