How To Start A Plane

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How To Start A Plane
How To Start A Plane

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Since childhood, many boys are attracted by the immense sky. Having matured, some realize their dream by flying on supersonic liners. And some people prefer the light-engine two-seater AN-2 aircraft, affectionately referred to as "Annushka". This hard worker at one time raised agricultural countries, for which he received another name - "maize". Easy to operate, it will hospitably open its cockpit even for an inexperienced pilot. For a successful flight, it is necessary to correctly start the plane.

How to start a plane
How to start a plane


plane AN-2


Step 1

Prepare the engine of the AN-2 aircraft for launch. If the ambient temperature is below +5 ° С, warm up the engine to t ° of cylinder heads +30 ° С. And the temperature of the incoming oil must be at least +15 ° C. Check the ease of turning the screw by hand.

Warm up the cylinder group of the propeller when warming up the engine, if the temperature overboard is down to -25 ° C. In case of greater frost, bring the sleeve from the heater to the screw sleeve.

Step 2

Check the operation of the aerodrome power source before starting the engine. Make sure that the light signaling device is on and that the voltage of the aircraft on-board network is 24-28.5 V (with the "On-board battery" switch pressed).

Step 3

Prepare to start the engine and start the engine directly, in the absence of a power source at the airfield, from the onboard battery. Turn it on into the on-board network of the aircraft using the switch located on the central control panel with the inscription "B / battery".

Annushka's engine
Annushka's engine

Step 4

Close the hood flaps at sub-zero temperatures. To do this, move the "bonnet flaps" push switch located on the central console towards you.

Step 5

Close the oil cooler flaps by moving the corresponding push switch, also located on the central console, towards you. Check the position of the leaves by the indicator located in front of the engine control levers.

Set the control lever for heating the air entering the carburetor to the “Off” position - fully towards you.

Step 6

Move the rotor adjuster control lever fully forward to the Small Pitch position.

Set the leftmost carburetor high-altitude automatic corrector control lever ("Altitude corrector") to the maximum enrichment position and seal it.

In the cockpit of the AN-2
In the cockpit of the AN-2

Step 7

Move the stop lever fully away from you. And set the dust filter control lever to the "Off" position. Set the petrol 4-way valve to the middle position. This will mean the simultaneous inclusion of both groups of tanks.

Step 8

Use a hand pump to create gasoline pressure (0.2-0.25 kgf / cm2) in front of the carburetor. Very slowly at first so that fuel does not escape from the blower valve. When the pressure reaches 0.1 kgf / cm2 in the system, you can accelerate the pace of work.

Step 9

Check the reliability of the combined blower valve by sharply moving the engine control lever 2-3 times to the stop. To prevent water hammer, turn the propeller 4-6 turns with the ignition off before each start. Check the fire alarm.

After completing the above, start and warm up the engine. The plane is ready to take off.

An-2 aircraft
An-2 aircraft

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