How To Open A Piggy Bank

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How To Open A Piggy Bank
How To Open A Piggy Bank

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There comes a time when the piggy bank, which usually stood on the shelf, becomes too heavy, and the coins no longer fit in it. The time has come to open the piggy bank - and the way of opening differs both due to the manufacturers of this popular souvenir and from the tools on hand.

How to open a piggy bank
How to open a piggy bank


Step 1

Find a small rivet, most often a rubber or plastic rivet, located either in the bottom or on the side of the piggy bank and pry it off. As a rule, manufacturers very rarely leave this option for opening, just because it is very easy to open and close the piggy bank at any time, which means that the meaning of using it is lost. Sometimes the manufacturer makes a disposable lid: after one opening, the rivet breaks, and the piggy bank becomes unusable. True, if there is enough willpower, then scotch tape will do.

Step 2

Drill a small slot or hole if you can't find the rivet and you have a drill with a small drill at home. A few nearby holes are enough to gently knock out a small section of the piggy bank wall and not spoil its appearance. The piggy bank will be usable after opening as a souvenir. The coins will spill out, and the piggy bank will take root as a beautiful decoration on the shelf. The resulting hole can be repaired with transparent adhesive tape, cloth with glue, or plasticine. If you have the skill of firing, you can close the hole with clay, and then paint it to match the color of the piggy bank.

Step 3

Break the small piece next to the coin slot if you only have a screwdriver from the tools. This will result in less garbage, and the piggy bank will not crumble into many small parts if you break it inaccurately or drill holes by pressing a little harder than necessary. You just need to place a screwdriver in the slot and, like a lever, break off a piece.

Step 4

Break the piggy bank if there is no drill, and the content is much more valuable than the containing one. There are no instructions for action, except for laying a few unnecessary newspapers, if the piggy bank is made of faience or glass - it is not always possible to vacuum small crumbs from the carpet. You need to act carefully, otherwise the mixed coins and pieces of faience or glass will have to be separated from each other longer than recalculating the amount accumulated in the souvenir.

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