How To Throw A Lasso

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How To Throw A Lasso
How To Throw A Lasso
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Lasso throwing is not only a sport, but also a whole science, the meaning of which is to twist a rope thrown during flight into a loop that can rotate in front of a person or around him.

How to throw a lasso
How to throw a lasso


Step 1

Use a rope that is no more than 4 meters long. To begin with, tap or sweep one end of the rope so that it does not start to curl. On the other hand, make the so-called Honda - "eyelet", through which pass the rope in order to form a loop.

Step 2

Choose a medium weight rope with a minimum honda, a little over a meter in diameter. When choosing it, remember that it should not be twisted with fibers twisted into a spiral. A braided rope, like a cord, is suitable for a lasso.

Step 3

Learn the easiest way to throw a lasso - the flat loop. This name appeared due to the fact that when throwing, the loop is horizontal in relation to the ground. The free end, transmitting rotational motion from the hand to the loop, and forms an angle of 45 degrees with the axis of rotation.

Step 4

Throw the rope in such a way that it immediately begins to rotate, before it has time to fall to the ground. The basis for throwing the lasso is the principle of centrifugal force, which stretches the loop so that it can be suspended while the rope is spinning. The friction of the brake pad on the Honda will prevent it from collapsing.

Step 5

Keep your arm high to avoid hitting your feet and floor with the loop. Place the palm of your left hand down so that it holds the loop between the index and thumb. Point the palm of your right hand up, and also pass the loop between the thumb and forefinger, pinch the free end of the rope with unoccupied fingers. The correct positioning of the Honda and the free end will determine the success of your throw. The end you pinched with your fingers should be a quarter of the length of the loop. To determine the correct size for the Honda, make a square from the loop with your hands. The Honda should be on the right hand and the free end should be slightly shorter than one side.

Step 6

Perform the first moment of unwinding with both hands. With the right one, draw a large horizontal circle clockwise. While you are tracing the circles with your right hand, your left hand should be under it to make it easier to rotate the loop. At this point, release the loop with your fingers. Gradually take a central position in relation to the circle with your right hand in a spiral. Remember the quarter circle. Do not lose sight of the speed of rotation of the loop as you release it.

Step 7

Having mastered the basics of throwing a lasso, you can take a rope 6-7 meters long, which allows you to make large loops. Keep the loop wide when scrolling the lasso around your body or when rotating vertically.

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