How To Choose A Spinning Rod For Pike

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How To Choose A Spinning Rod For Pike
How To Choose A Spinning Rod For Pike
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For a spinning player, regardless of whether he is a beginner or an experienced one, it is important that he has a high-quality, comfortable and correctly selected tool in his hands. It is especially worthwhile to approach the choice of a spinning rod for pike responsibly, because it is this predatory fish that is the most desirable prey for many fishermen.

How to choose a spinning rod for pike
How to choose a spinning rod for pike


Step 1

The most important criteria for choosing a spinning rod for fishing pike are: the length of the fishing tackle, its test and action. It is important to consider when choosing this tool and the type of fishing. You can catch pike on spinning by casting from the shore, from a boat and by trolling. For each individual situation, the spinner should select the rod with the most suitable characteristics.

Step 2

Spinning for pike for fishing from the shore

The "hunter" for pike who decides to walk along the banks of a river or lake should choose the longest possible spinning rod. The optimal length of the tackle for catching this predator from the shore is considered to be 3 m. The casting of a spinning rod with such a characteristic will simply be "cannon".

Step 3

As for the test of the rod for fishing pike from the shore, it is selected solely based on the weight range of the selected lures. For example, if the weight of the wobblers prepared for fishing falls within the range from 7 to 15 g, the test of fishing tackle can be equal to the value from 5 to 25 g. If you decide to use heavy oscillating spoons weighing 30, 40 or 60 g as bait, the test value for a spinning rod for coastal pike fishing can be equal to 25-75 g. Thus, the weight indicators of the lures you use should be as close as possible to the value from the middle of the test range of the tackle to ¾ from its upper limit.

Step 4

The structure of the rod should also be chosen based on the chosen lures. If you decide to fish for pike with wobblers and spinners, give preference to hard spinning fast action. Such a tackle will allow you to effectively hook the pike when biting. For fans of jig lures, it is more expedient to use super-fast action rods with a bendable tip when fishing for freshwater predators.

Step 5

Spinning rod for fishing pike from a boat

The length of the spinning rod when fishing for pike from a boat does not matter as much as when hunting this predator from the shore. Therefore, its value can be anything: from 180 to 330 cm.

Step 6

The rod test is selected in the same way as when fishing for pike from the shore, the requirements for the spinning structure are also preserved. Although experienced fishermen still recommend choosing the most rigid gear for fishing pike from a boat, explaining this by the high mobility of the angler in the fishing boat, the angler's mobility, as well as the ability to perform sharp maneuvers if necessary. A fisherman who is engaged in spinning pike from the shore does not have such opportunities.

Step 7

Spinning rod for trolling pike

The main requirement for the length of a spinning rod for trolling pike is convenience. You can choose both short (150-180 cm) and long (up to 270 cm) tackle. The main thing is that it is convenient for the fisherman to control the rods during the leash process, when pike is caught using several tackles at once.

Step 8

The upper test value of a spinning rod for trolling pike should exceed the average working weight of the lures used by 3 times. So, if the average weight of a wobbler in your arsenal of fishing accessories is 25 g, the upper test of the tackle should be at the level of 80-100 g.

Step 9

The structure of the spinning rod for trolling pike can be either medium or fast. For such a method of fishing as trolling, you should not choose soft tackle of a semi-parabolic or parabolic system, otherwise you will not be able to cut through the predator's mouth at the time of the hook.

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