What Awaits Us In The New Year

What Awaits Us In The New Year
What Awaits Us In The New Year

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The new year 2013 carries with it several significant events, for which, undoubtedly, you need to prepare. Knowing about upcoming events from the next year will help you meet them fully armed, use the remaining stock of time if these events play an important role in your life, career or business.

What awaits us in the New Year
What awaits us in the New Year

The New Year will begin on Tuesday according to the calendar. This most likely means that the work week will consist almost entirely of holidays. Perhaps this will be an unpleasant event for workaholics and business people.

Undoubtedly, it will be useful for everyone to know that from January 1 of the new year, a ban will be introduced on incandescent lamps with a power of 75 W and above. Not everyone is still accustomed to the widespread use of energy-saving lamps, which, moreover, are significantly more expensive than the bulbs we are used to.

Gradually, the introduction of a universal electronic card will begin, combining the functions of a passport, driver's license, travel cards, policies and a bank card. This is a revolutionary change in everyone's life. Instead of a full wallet and wallet with documents - one single card. Conveniently!

Free privatization will end on March 1. Most likely, after this event, citizens will have to buy out their non-privatized apartments from the state for the full market value or for some part of it. Hurry up and hurry up your loved ones if you did not have time to privatize your property.

Also, the introduction of a digital TV broadcasting format will begin throughout the Russian Federation. First in test mode, and then in constant mode. This will usher in a new era in television broadcasting. The TV show can be paused, recorded or rewound.

The first part of the Fourth Transport Ring will open in Moscow. The Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant-2 will be launched in St. Petersburg. Production of a new MIG-35 fighter for the Russian army will begin in Nizhny Novgorod.

It is important for businessmen and entrepreneurs to know that from January new WTO rules will be introduced in Russia. The rules for doing business, the pricing policy, and customs duties will change.

Athletes and fans will be interested in the planned opening of the International Olympic University in Russia. The capital of the 2020 Summer Olympics will be elected. From sporting events it is planned to hold the winter and summer Universiade, the world ice hockey championship. Moscow will host the World Championships in Athletics, Kazakhstan - World Boxing Championships, and Ukraine - Rhythmic Gymnastics. In October, Sochi will host the ceremony of bringing the Olympic flame - in 2014, the Olympic Games will begin.

In addition, many films are scheduled to be released in 2013, including sequels to famous tapes. So we will see a lot of interesting things.

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