What Is Putin's Zodiac Sign

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What Is Putin's Zodiac Sign
What Is Putin's Zodiac Sign
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The birthday of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin falls on October 7, 1952. This means that according to his zodiac sign he is Libra, and according to the Chinese horoscope he is Dragon. This combination of signs can tell a lot of interesting things.



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People born in the Year of the Dragon are usually charismatic and confident, they have leadership qualities, they know how to make an impression. Many Dragons love to show themselves, are full of enthusiasm and energy, know how to control people.

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People born in the Year of the Dragon are good friends, they are always ready to help their loved ones, solve their problems, help in a difficult situation. Dragons rarely stay on the sidelines, if something important happens, they quickly think in difficult conditions and make decisions without hesitation.

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Dragons have high demands on themselves and those around them, and quickly become disillusioned with people if they don't live up to their high standards.

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The Chinese believe that both heaven and earth are harmoniously represented in the lives of those born under the sign of the Dragon, therefore they are always successful. Dragons can be stubborn, quick-tempered, too frank and too optimistic, because of this, in some cases, events in their lives get out of control.

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Libra is a zodiac sign that refers to the element of air. This sign is distinguished by a certain duality, which is most often incomprehensible to others. Libra's goal is to achieve perfect balance or balance in life, for this they can sacrifice a lot. Libra is characterized by frequent mood changes, it is quite difficult to adapt to them, in general it is a rather changeable sign that often surprises people around with its actions and words.

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Scales are distinguished by high efficiency, the ability to perform several tasks at the same time. However, sometimes they have periods of laziness when they simply cannot bring themselves to do important things. These states are quite natural for them, at this time Libra restore reserves of strength and energy, after the end of periods of laziness, they always return to work.

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Libras born in the Year of the Dragon are always strong personalities, they easily subjugate other people. This combination of signs is stable and highly efficient. Such people manipulate others well, getting everything they need from them, while giving little in return. The Year of the Dragon gives Libra scope and speed, people who combine these two signs make decisions very quickly, quickly begin to act, rarely taking into account the reactions of other people.

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