What Is Pushkin's Zodiac Sign?

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What Is Pushkin's Zodiac Sign?
What Is Pushkin's Zodiac Sign?

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Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin is the greatest Russian poet, whose surname is familiar to every schoolchild. Experts in the field of astrology believe that his work was greatly influenced by the sign of the zodiac under which he was born.

What is Pushkin's zodiac sign?
What is Pushkin's zodiac sign?

The famous Russian poet Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin was born in Moscow in 1799. At that time, the accepted method of chronology was the definition of dates according to the so-called old style, which after the revolution of 1917 was replaced by a new style, due to which all dates were shifted forward by almost two weeks. Therefore, the date of birth of the great poet according to the old style is usually defined as May 26, and according to the new style - June 6.

Pushkin's zodiac sign

Nevertheless, from the point of view of specialists in the field of astrology, in this case, the interpretation of the date of birth of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin is not decisive. The fact is that both of these dates - both May 26 and June 6 - refer to the time period when the sun, according to classical astrological teaching, passes through the zodiac sign, which is called Gemini. Therefore, astrologers unanimously claim that the famous Russian poet was born under this zodiac sign.


Experts in the field of astrology are sure that the sign of the zodiac under which each person was born leaves an indelible imprint on his fate, which influences him throughout his life. Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin, of course, is no exception to this rule, astrologers are sure.

The sign Gemini, under which he was born, belongs to the element of Air. Its influence is reflected primarily in the openness of the representatives of this element and their constant readiness for a wide variety of communications. They are mobile, active and usually have many friends, and even more - acquaintances whom they make in every new place where they appear.

The Gemini sign itself determines the more specific predispositions of the representatives of this sign. So, among experts in the field of astrology, there is an opinion that they are largely inclined to work with the word: among them there are many journalists, writers and poets. As you can see, in this respect, the interpretation of the features of the sign is fully consistent with the personality of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin.

In addition, astrologers identify several more typical features characteristic of Gemini. So, they are very changeable both in friendship and in love, and at the same time they are very loving and open to new connections. At the same time, they tend to strive to attract attention to themselves, to be in the center of society, so they feel very confident and organic in the role of a celebrity. However, such their versatility both in relationships and in other areas of activity, for example, training, often leads to the fact that they have rather superficial knowledge.

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