What Is Pushkin's Zodiac Sign

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What Is Pushkin's Zodiac Sign
What Is Pushkin's Zodiac Sign

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Alexander Pushkin is one of the most outstanding personalities in Russian history. It is simply impossible to overestimate its influence on the formation of the modern Russian language. To be convinced of the genius of this poet, a horoscope is not needed, but it allows you to look differently at the personality of Alexander Sergeevich.



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Pushkin was born on June 6, 1799. This means that according to the zodiac sign he is Gemini, and according to the Chinese calendar, he is Goat. The combination of these signs is quite unstable, the Goat and Gemini constantly collide, pull a person born under these signs in different directions.

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The character of the Gemini Goat is very difficult for the perception of the people around. Many people perceive such a person as crazy. The thing is that Gemini born in the year of the Goat are absolutely uncontrollable neither by themselves, nor by anyone else. They constantly want to live at a very "high speed", make decisions quickly, not wait for other people.

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The Gemini Goat is distinguished by an overwhelming level of energy and recklessness. A person born under these signs lives very openly and is constantly changing. The Gemini Goat constantly needs new experiences, only in such conditions can this person be truly happy. It is in new impressions, events, people that he draws his inspiration.

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Unfortunately, the Gemini Goat rarely completes the work it has begun. It is very difficult to have joint projects with this person. It should be noted that Gemini born in the year of the Goat are almost always distinguished by high mental abilities and the ability to find non-standard solutions in difficult situations. The mind of this person is sharp, deep and developed, and is always associated with the emotional sphere. It is his impressionability that allows him to develop feelings and thinking.

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The serious flaws in the character of the Gemini Goat include the ability to give things away at all for what they are. For example, such people often pass off their whims as a manifestation of freedom of spirit. Such delusions most often harm the person himself, making him funny in the eyes of others.

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In love, people born under these signs are fickle. The Gemini Goat simply cannot constantly be with one person. Moreover, such people usually understand very well what family debt is. To keep this person close to you, you need to constantly supply him with new impressions, create conditions for a mobile and hectic life.

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Such people are poorly versed in themselves, not distinguishing which of their actions come from the head, and which - from the soul or from the heart. The ability to separate these areas allows the Gemini Goat to achieve significant success in creativity and work and enjoy life.

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