Which Stone Corresponds To Which Sign Of The Zodiac

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Which Stone Corresponds To Which Sign Of The Zodiac
Which Stone Corresponds To Which Sign Of The Zodiac
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Stones have different properties, influencing their owners. People of different zodiac signs have their own personality traits that can be balanced by wearing the right stone.

Which stone corresponds to which sign of the zodiac
Which stone corresponds to which sign of the zodiac


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Aries is ideal for a diamond, a stone of power. Aries has an assertive disposition, and wearing a diamond will help him achieve his goals. On the other hand, the diamond will protect Aries from the outbursts of aggression characteristic of him.

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An emerald is suitable for Taurus, giving them wisdom and discernment. It will also give spiritual harmony and joy, enhance tact and generosity. Wearing an emerald will strengthen your memory and help you not to succumb to harmful impulses.

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Agate corresponds to Gemini, which gives them stability and perseverance. It helps to bring the plan to the end and to think soberly.

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For Cancers, emerald is ideal, helping to keep emotions under control and not succumb to melancholy. Emerald makes Cancer more relaxed and attractive to society.

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Amber brings happiness to Lions. It is a stone of strength and beauty. Lions often suffer from pathologies of the cardiovascular system, while amber has healing properties.

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The chrysolite stone is suitable for Virgos, which will soften their categorical nature and relieve them of excessive conservatism. It promotes the intellectual development of Virgos and increases their attractiveness to other people.

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Tourmaline stone is suitable for fickle Libra, which will help them in their decision-making process. Tourmaline also gives the Libra earthiness and strengthens their belief in success. It sharpens the positive qualities of its owners, the ability to empathize and the inherent desire to help.

Step 8

Energetic and mysterious Scorpions are matched by black opal. It will help direct energy towards self-development and self-knowledge, support during periods of emotional instability. Softens the stubborn and contradictory nature of the Scorpio.

Step 9

Turquoise will bring good luck to Sagittarius, it will help to be more persistent in achieving the goal. Also turquoise gives self-confidence and removes excessive carelessness.

Step 10

A ruby ​​is suitable for Capricorn, a stone with powerful energy. He teaches practical Capricorns rationality and perseverance, helping to win life victories.

Step 11

The lucky stone of Aquarius is amethyst, which is credited with magical properties. It protects against diseases, the effects of negative energy. Supports with the decline of mental strength, enhances intuition and brings harmony to consciousness.

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Aquamarine stone is suitable for Pisces, which will give them courage and self-confidence. He will help these people take off their rose-colored glasses in time and stop over-spending themselves helping others.

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