What Stones Correspond To The Sign Of The Zodiac

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What Stones Correspond To The Sign Of The Zodiac
What Stones Correspond To The Sign Of The Zodiac

Video: What Stones Correspond To The Sign Of The Zodiac

Video: What Stones Correspond To The Sign Of The Zodiac
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People who are fond of astrology know that for each sign there are talisman stones and stones from which it is better to stay away. Depending on the date of birth, a person may have additional lucky stones in addition to the zodiacal.



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For Aries, the ruby is the ideal mascot stone. In March, strong, aggressive and courageous natures are born, this stone, by its properties, is perfect for such people. Born in the first decade of April, under the influence of the Sun, heliotrope is better suited. And in the second half of April, Venus protects those who are born: the best stone will be pearls.

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For those born under the sign of Taurus, the main patron stone is sapphire. The lucky stone for Taurus born in April is aventurine. Taurus in the first decade of May is under the influence of the Moon, and these noble dreamers will be lucky in all their endeavors if they carry turquoise with them. The second decade of May is marked by the influence of Saturn; aquamarine will bring good luck to these people.

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Gemini's stone is considered to be topaz. May Gemini was born during the period of Jupiter influence, and they will not be damaged by the agate decoration. Those Gemini who were born from June 1 to June 10 are born under the sign of Mars, and they need to wear a cat's eye to attract good luck. From June 11 to June 21, the sign of Gemini comes under the influence of the Sun, and the preferred stone is alexandrite.

Step 4

Emerald protects all Cancers. But those who were additionally born in June can also choose aventurine for themselves, and those born from July 1 to 10 - pearls, since at this time the sign of Cancer intersects with Mercury. Those who were born in the second decade of July can consider beryl as their talisman, and the Moon is the patron planet during this period.

Step 5

For those born under the sign of Leo, the diamond is the lucky stone. July Lions are strongly influenced by the planet Saturn, and their attraction to mysticism is as great as their strength of character. The stone for this period can be rock crystal or aventurine. From the beginning of August to the middle of this month, the sign of Leo passes into the area of influence of Jupiter, and jadeite will be suitable as a talisman for those born during this period. Then the sign of Leo goes to Mars, and the talisman can be a garnet, ruby or sapphire.

Step 6

The sign of Virgo got Jasper as a talisman. The Augustian Virgins are born under the strong influence of the Sun, and can choose agate or amethyst for their talismans. Virgos, who were born from September 1 to September 12, experience the influence of Venus on their lives, and the talisman stone for this period of time is chalcedony, citrine or chrysoprase. Virgos of the second decade of September were born under the active influence of Mercury, they are very enterprising and resourceful individuals. The talisman protecting them is a pomegranate.

Step 7

Aquamarine works well for Libra. Those born under this sign in September may consider Venus as their planet, and amethyst as their stone. The same Libra, whose birthday falls on the first ten days of October, have the influence of Saturn and beryl is good for them. People who complete the sign of Libra are under the auspices of Jupiter, and their stones are opal and zircon.

Step 8

Scorpio stone - black opal. October Scorpions are patronized by Mars and the stone aventurine. Scorpios born in early November are under the influence of the Sun, and their personal stone is amethyst. Scorpios born in the second decade of November are favored by Venus and brings good luck to aquamarine.

Step 9

Garnet is a stone suitable for all Sagittarius. Those born in November are under the sign of Mercury and can choose agate as a talisman. Sagittarius, whose birthday is in early December, is influenced by the moon, and their stone is onyx. The same Sagittarius who complete the sign can consider zircon as a talisman.

Step 10

Striped topaz is the stone of the Capricorn sign. December-born Capricorns are born under the sign of Jupiter and their talisman is agate. January Capricorns are under the auspices of Mars, green turquoise will bring them good luck.

Step 11

Turquoise is considered a stone that suits Aquarius. But this changeable sign, living exclusively by its good intuition, can choose any stone as a talisman, the main thing is that Aquarius really likes it.

Step 12

Amethyst corresponds to the sign of Pisces. February Pisces is born under the sign of Saturn, and hematite may be their talisman. Pisces born in the very first days of spring have the planet Jupiter as their patron, and the talisman for them is coral. Pisces, which were born in the middle of the month, are under the influence of Mars, their stone is chrysolite.

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