How Fate Changes When You Change Your Surname

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How Fate Changes When You Change Your Surname
How Fate Changes When You Change Your Surname

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According to centuries-old traditions, it is women who change their surname under certain circumstances (when they get married). Men have to take this step much less often. Changing a surname is not just a formality, it "connects" a person to a particular genus, with its merits and demerits, history and problems. Therefore, when planning to change your last name, think about whether it is worth doing.

Change of surname and documents
Change of surname and documents

It is necessary

To change your surname, one way or another, you will have to go to the registry office and write a corresponding statement


Step 1

Let's say a woman is getting married. Changing her maiden name to the surname of her future spouse is the most natural step for her. But by doing so, she renounces her father's surname, the clan to which she belongs by blood, and considers herself to be a different "dynasty." This is smart from a marriage standpoint, especially if the couple is about to have children. For a son and daughter, different surnames of mom and dad can cause mistrust in the strength of relations, doubts about the strength of the parents' connection, and their own origin too. The most natural and harmonious disposition in a full-fledged family is family unity. But if it so happened that the marriage brought bitterness and failure, which pushed the couple to divorce, then the woman after the trial often regains her father's surname, thereby returning herself to the bosom of the family, to the traditions and heritage of the kind with which she is connected by blood ties. This change also changes how a woman is perceived by her environment - friendly and business.

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With the first, as a rule, there are no problems. Whatever surname the lady has, the main thing for friends is her character, her essence, and in this there will most likely not be any special changes. Business environment is a different matter. If a woman who has changed her surname holds a significant position, this obliges her to a certain inviolability, stability of the position. Partners and colleagues get used to a certain status of a business woman; changing it is dangerous. Even such a trifle as a business card must remain the same - therefore, the surname too. Otherwise, any business call or meeting will require additional, sometimes burdensome explanations about who you are and why, say, you turned from Ivanova to Petrova. And in general, is it you? For the same reason, when getting married or getting divorced, they do not change the names of the singer, artist, journalist, TV presenter. Their surname should evoke clear associations from acquaintances or the audience.

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As for the change of fate when changing a surname, esotericism, an ancient science, is the best answer to all questions about this. Taking a different surname, a woman (and a man) "reconnects" to other sources of subtle energies that play a significant role in fate. Together with the surname, we take upon ourselves the legacy of the family that bears this surname - good or evil, beneficial or desperate. It is impossible to know all the nuances of this heritage, but in order to be sure of the successful course of your future destiny, you need to find out at least the most basic things. For example, whether there were any terminally ill or depraved people in the family of a spouse, how their acquaintances relate to this family, how the closest ancestors of this "clan" have proven themselves. If what you have learned meets your expectations, you can safely change your last name. If not, then it is better to weigh all the circumstances again.

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