How Changing A Surname Affects Fate

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How Changing A Surname Affects Fate
How Changing A Surname Affects Fate
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You can try to find answers to vital questions in horoscopes, astrology and even Feng Shui theory. You never know exactly at what point in the surrounding reality the cherished "sign of fate" will meet.

How changing a surname affects fate
How changing a surname affects fate


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The surname is a kind of generic distinction of a person. It can tell a knowledgeable researcher about a lot: about nationality, possible occupations of ancestors, etc.

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Unlike first names, the assortment of surnames is much more extensive. Meeting with a namesake carries some intrigue, while there can be many people with the same name. Getting to know a person of the same surname as yours is like touching a “soul mate”.

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According to astrologers, the surname can play the most unexpected role in the fate of the bearer. The harmonious combination of first and last name promises good luck and success. Numerology is engaged in the study of the psychological portrait of a person in connection with a certain name and surname.

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Before marriage, a girl faces a choice whether to change her surname to her husband's or leave her own. It is necessary to decide what is more suitable for her psychological type.

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According to one of the opinions, getting married and taking her husband's surname, the girl, as it were, connects to the egregor of his family and enters his family. If there are no children, in case of further divorce, it is better to change the surname back to the maiden name. In the case of having common children, it is not advised to change the surname: firstly, the connection will still remain, and secondly, emotional difficulties may arise.

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The combination of last name, first name and patronymic is perceived as a unique melodic bouquet influencing the harmony of the "ego". Each sound from this combination generates certain vibrations that reach the depths of the subconscious. For example, people are usually annoyed by harsh sounds, such as a door creak or a “nail on glass,” and birdsong and the murmur of a stream are pleasantly pleasing to the ear. So it is with names and surnames. The name “field” accompanies a person everywhere, it is no coincidence that the name is the sweetest sound for him.

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However, if your surname is not very euphonious, this is not yet a reason for frustration. According to psychologists, very often it is people with unusual surnames who become leaders and achieve impressive results. The bottom line is that such surnames attract attention and therefore motivate their owners to active and fruitful activity. As a rule, talented and extraordinary personalities grow out of children bearing original surnames.

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