Where To Go To Change Your Surname

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Where To Go To Change Your Surname
Where To Go To Change Your Surname

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If for some reason a person is dissatisfied with his name or surname, he can choose others for himself. This need also arises when changing marital status. But in order to officially be called in a new way, you need to go through the state registration procedure for a name change.

Where to go to change your surname
Where to go to change your surname


  • - the passport;
  • - certificates of the birth of children, of the conclusion and dissolution of marriage, if any.


Step 1

Prepare the required documents. You must have a passport or birth certificate on hand. Remember that any citizen of the Russian Federation who has reached the age of 14 can change the surname, but those who have not yet turned 18 must obtain notarized consent from their parents or guardians. Such a letter can be drawn up by them personally in the presence of a registry office employee when applying for a change of surname. It is also necessary to attach to the package of documents a marriage certificate and birth certificates of all children of the person who wants to change the name or surname.

Step 2

Pay the state fee for registering your name change. A ready-made form with filled in details can be taken from the registry office. Muscovites who decide to change their name can download it from the official website of the Moscow Civil Registry Office.

Step 3

Provide a package of documents and a receipt for payment of the duty to the registry office at the place of residence. Fill out the standard application form for changing your first or last name, it will be given to you by an employee of the registry office. Nobody can go through this procedure for you, personal presence is required.

Step 4

Wait for the decision of the registry office to change your name or surname or to refuse it. Your application will be considered within one month, after which you will receive a reply by mail. Visit the registry office at your place of residence and get your name change certificate in your hands.

Step 5

Contact the passport office of your place of residence with an application to change your passport. Muscovites need to clarify exactly where to go, since Multifunctional Centers (MFC) have begun to operate in many areas, and they have been given part of the functions of passport offices, engineering services and even registry offices. After receiving a passport with a new surname, it is necessary to change all other documents, namely a foreign passport, driver's license, bank cards, insurance policies, etc.

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