Is It Possible To Change The Surname At Will

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Is It Possible To Change The Surname At Will
Is It Possible To Change The Surname At Will

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Changing the surname upon marriage is common and does not cause any particular difficulties. But there are times when it is necessary to change it for other reasons. It is possible.

Is it possible to change the surname at will
Is it possible to change the surname at will

Sometimes situations arise in life when a change of surname for one reason or another will be appropriate and desirable. Moreover, in order to change it, it is not at all necessary to marry: Article 58 of the Federal Law "On acts of civil status" (No. 143-FZ) allows persons who have reached the age of fourteen to change their last name, first name and patronymic of their own accord (if there is a certain justification).

Actions required to change the surname

You should start with an application to the registry office, which indicates complete data (name, place and date of birth, citizenship, marital status, registration, data of children under 18 years of age (if any), all the details of the registry office records made in relation to the applicant). Next, you need to enter the surname (name / patronymic) that you want to accept, and give the reasons for this desire. The application ends with the date of preparation and signature. When submitting to the registry office, a birth certificate, marriage / divorce certificate (if any) is attached to it, if there are children, their birth certificates.

The procedure for considering an application in the registry office

The application is considered within a month. If difficulties arise in obtaining the necessary documents, the period may increase, but not more than two months. During this period, the registry office receives copies of documents that will be corrected in connection with the change of surname (if the documents are lost, you must first restore them). On the basis of the information received, the management approves the change, or denies it (at the same time, they are obliged to inform the reason and return the documents provided). The refusal can be appealed in court.

Actions in case of a positive decision

Approving the change of name, the registry office makes an entry containing the original name, place and date of birth, citizenship, place of residence, new name, as well as details of the record of the applicant's birth certificate. The series and number of the certificate of surname change are also entered here. The certificate itself is issued to the applicant. After that, changes are made to the civil status records drawn up before the adoption of the new surname. Further (by the applicant himself), the passport, military ID, TIN, SNILS, work record book and documents securing ownership of any property are replaced.

It should be noted that the registry office does not have a single scheme for choosing a positive / negative decision in relation to such statements. But if the applicant tries to avoid any responsibility by changing his surname, he is guaranteed a refusal.

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