How Often Do You Need To Change Your Linen

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How Often Do You Need To Change Your Linen
How Often Do You Need To Change Your Linen

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Whatever the underwear, underwear or bedding, it is in long-term and intimate contact with human skin. Even if someone observes all the rules of hygiene and has been accustomed to a daily shower since childhood, this does not save the laundry from contamination.

The perfect bed
The perfect bed


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The frequency of changing bed linen depends on several factors. In the warm season, this should be done more often, as sweating is increased. Usually, in the summer, the replacement of pillowcases, sheets and duvet covers is carried out once a week, and in winter this period can be increased to 2 weeks. In any case, the bed cannot be used for more than two weeks.

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The first reason for keeping the bed clean is the proliferation of bed mites in unwashed linen. They feed on dead cells of human skin and, having enough food, significantly increase their population. Microscopic insects can cause respiratory problems and even asthma.

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Various fungi and bacteria also cause great harm to the human body, which can be eliminated only by regular washing of bed linen, using sufficiently hot water and strong detergents. The additional use of bleach enhances the effect of fighting microorganisms, and thorough ironing with a hot iron ensures complete safety for the health of family members.

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Contamination of bed linen can be of a different nature. Up to 1 liter of various dirt can accumulate in one bed per night, if hygiene standards are not observed, and the bed is overloaded with pillows and blankets. Breakfast in bed, putting pets with you at night and other liberties that are unacceptable in a place intended for a night's rest are also not conducive to sterility.

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Do not go to extremes and change your underwear almost daily. When washed, it is exposed to the chemicals in the detergent powder. Detergents may not always be rinsed out thoroughly and can cause skin irritation or allergic reactions, especially underwear.

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Underwear or underwear is recommended to be changed once a day. The exception is too hot weather: often you have to take a shower more than once a day, and, accordingly, put on clean clothes. Subject to all the rules of intimate hygiene or when women use panty liners, you can change your underwear a little less often, it depends on your habits and upbringing. The position of some men is known not to burden themselves with frequent change of underwear. They would like to remind them that the health of a life partner largely depends on a man's observance of intimate hygiene.

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