Why It Smells Like Fish

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Why It Smells Like Fish
Why It Smells Like Fish

Video: Why It Smells Like Fish

Video: Why It Smells Like Fish
Video: The REAL Reason Your Vagina Smells Fishy | Aishah Williams, APRN 2023, March

Often, on various medical forums, you can come across posts of anxious visitors who are interested in why their genitals smell like fish. This sensitive issue puzzles many women and men who are embarrassed to ask a doctor about it.

Why it smells like fish
Why it smells like fish

Bad smell from female genitals: genital infections

The appearance of a fish smell from the vagina in female representatives usually indicates the multiplication of Escherichia coli, staphylococci, streptococci and other microorganisms. Discomfort in the vaginal area, combined with a bad smell, can mean infection with a genital infection - for example, Trichomonas, gonococci, chlamydia, mycoplasma, ureaplasma.

After confirming the diagnosis, you need to inform all your partners and advise them to visit a venereologist.

In this case, other symptoms may also be noted:

- profuse vaginal discharge;

- burning sensation;

- itching;

- swelling;

- redness of the labia;

- difficulties in the process of urination;

- painful sensations during sex or after it.

Often, symptoms of infection with any of the above infections may not be noticed immediately. Sometimes it may take several months before the clinical manifestations of the disease and the appearance of a "fishy" odor after infection. Therefore, if you have recently had several sexual partners, it will be very difficult for you to identify the carrier of the infection.

The smell of fish from female genitals: gynecological diseases

In gynecological practice, diseases are very common that are accompanied by the appearance of the smell of fish:

Gardnerellosis (bacterial vaginosis). It is a disease caused by the bacterium gardnerella. It is accompanied by a gray / greenish foamy or liquid discharge. Such discharge has a sharp and inconsistent "fishy" smell. In addition, with gardnerellosis, there is irritation of the labia.

Vaginal candidiasis ("thrush"). The cause of this disease is the yeast fungus - candida. With candidiasis, the vaginal area also smells like fish. In addition, a white secret appears, which has a curdled thick structure.

Severe burning and itching are also possible, aggravated in the evening.

Neglect of treatment for these diseases or incomplete therapy can cause the development of endometritis or salpingo-oophoritis. In addition, the above microorganisms affect the reproductive functions of the female body.

For example, the chronic form of gardnerellosis can significantly complicate the possibility of conceiving a child. In addition, it is more difficult for a woman suffering from such a disease to bear a fetus. Miscarriages in early pregnancy and premature birth are also common.

The smell of fish from male genitals

If, with constant and proper hygiene, the penis smells like fish, this also indicates the presence of an infection. As a rule, the cause of this unpleasant odor is anaerobic bacteria - gardnerella, atopobium, mobiluncus.

A man can become infected during unprotected sex from a carrier of the infection. The above bacteria in the stronger sex cause anaerobic balanoposthitis.

Diagnostics and treatment

If the discharge from the genitals smells like fish, the first step is to contact a venereologist. Treatment of diseases in which a "fishy" smell appears, begins with the identification of the pathogen. For this, the doctor prescribes blood tests, a smear, bacteriological culture. Based on the results obtained, the venereologist prescribes local medications for the patient, a course of antibiotics, immunomodulators, lactobacilli, and vitamin complexes.

With timely treatment, you can get rid of the unpleasant odor and the disease that caused it in 2-4 weeks. But the treatment of the chronic stage of the disease takes much more time.

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