How To Make Long Distance Calls Cheaper

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How To Make Long Distance Calls Cheaper
How To Make Long Distance Calls Cheaper

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Communication is a necessary attribute of modern society. Long distance communication helps relatives, friends and partners around the world to communicate, do business, and build relationships.

How to make long distance calls cheaper
How to make long distance calls cheaper

Mobile tariffs

Favorable tariffs for long-distance communication are offered by operators of the Big Three (MTS, Beeline, Megafon). First, you need to estimate the frequency and duration of calls. Long-distance tariffs from mobile operators can be divided into two large groups: with per-minute tariffication and unlimited. Per-minute pay usually has a stimulating pay - the first few minutes of the road, all the rest are discounted (long-term communication is encouraged). Unlimited intercity tariffs are usually given “prestigious” names: “General” (Beeline), “Business without Borders” (MTS), “Professional” (Megafon).


VoIP (from Voice IP, voice Internet telephony) is a convenient way to reduce the cost of long distance and international communication. Operators provide favorable conditions for calls from a computer to landline and mobile phones.

Typically, VoIP services are used by corporate clients who organize call centers. Buying a router for Internet telephony can not only reduce costs, but also simplify the technical infrastructure of an organization.

Frequently popular VoIP providers (SipNET, RusVoIP, GoldNet) provide convenient additional services - call recording, free incoming calls, "nice" number.


Skype is a popular video telephony client from Microsoft. In addition to the possibility of free communication between PC users on the Internet, Skype also provides a number of rather profitable paid services. These include calls to mobile and landline phones around the world. You can buy an unlimited paid account, which includes calls to subscribers of several countries of the world. In Russia, so far only calls to landline phones are in effect. Nevertheless, many Skype users in our country actively use the cheap intercity system.

Communication discounters

A discounter is a company that offers goods / services at discounted prices, using cost savings on product quality and / or advertising. Communication discounters often offer reduced prices due to effective organization, strategy, and competition with other operators.

The TelFin fixed-line discounter offers advantageous rates for calls to Moscow, St. Petersburg and some other cities in central Russia.

A popular mobile discounter is the Tele2 operator, which offers its subscribers favorable unlimited tariffs and cheap minutes on long-distance and international routes. The only factor stopping many users from switching from another telecom operator to Tele2 is the phone number, which is known to relatives, friends and colleagues. At present, the number can be saved when moving from one operator to another, so there are no more reasons that make it difficult to reduce the cost of mobile long-distance communication.

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