Why Do Fish Dream In An Aquarium

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Why Do Fish Dream In An Aquarium
Why Do Fish Dream In An Aquarium

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Fish in an aquarium can portend marriage, pregnancy, travel, change and more. Of great importance is the purity and clarity of the water, as well as the number, size and color of fish.

Why do fish dream in an aquarium
Why do fish dream in an aquarium

If a person had a dream and, waking up, wants to know what the fish in the aquarium are dreaming of, then here it is worth noting that such a dream always portends changes that should occur in the very near future. I must say that dreams of this kind are most often seen by women, because water is a female element.


If a young girl dreams of fish in an aquarium, it means that she will soon get married. However, the prediction can come true only if the aquarium has a large volume, and the number of beautiful fish swimming in it cannot be counted. If the color of most fish is bright and variegated, then the future husband will be a wealthy and even rich person. If in a dream various fish were swimming among the thickets of the aquarium, then this is a bad sign: there will be no understanding in marriage, everyone will try to take the place of the head of the family. This can stem from the large age difference between spouses, differences in religion and usual views on life and raising children.

The purity of the water in the aquarium is very important. If it is transparent, like a tear, then the upcoming changes will bring only joy and pleasure, if it is muddy and dirty, then do not expect good. If the sleeping person sees how someone changes the water to the fish, then in life it is worth waiting for cardinal, dramatic changes, mostly positive. If you dream of fish in an aquarium, which the sleeping person feeds himself, then the coming days will be monotonous and monotonous, filled with the usual routine work. If the sleeping person feeds the fish with pleasure, then a long work on some project will come to an end and bring its worthy fruits.

What else predicts such a dream

If you dream of dead fish in an aquarium, then sad events and news cannot be avoided. If the aquarium is empty for some reason, failure and deception may lie in wait for the sleeper. If there are only two fish in the aquarium, then often the interpretation of sleep is associated with a new, emerging romance. Here it is very important to remember how the fish behaved in relation to each other: if they swam all the time together, then the novel can turn into something more, if the inhabitants of the aquarium diverged in different directions, such will be its outcome.

A goldfish swimming in an aquarium promises a dreamer profit. If she is having fun and playing in clear water, it is worth preparing for an interesting and exciting journey associated with some expenses. If the inhabitant of the aquarium is swimming alone, then the sleeping person can be sure that the event he has been waiting for for so long will soon occur. And the larger the size of the fish, the more fully what he dreamed of will come true. If a young woman catches fish with her hands in a dream, then this can promise her an early pregnancy.

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