How To Live Inexpensively In Moscow For A Student

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How To Live Inexpensively In Moscow For A Student
How To Live Inexpensively In Moscow For A Student

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The life of a student, especially a nonresident, in Moscow is associated with large expenses: paying for housing, food, travel. But you also need to remember about entertainment! There are available ways to help you not spend extra money in the capital.

How to live inexpensively in Moscow for a student
How to live inexpensively in Moscow for a student


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Accommodation costs for a visiting student relate primarily to housing, meals, travel. Additional expenses include entertainment, clothing or necessities. A student scholarship, of course, cannot cover all expenses, even a possible part-time job cannot fully provide for a young person. Yes, and it is not easy to earn money while studying at the full-time department. How much money should be allocated to parents in order for a child to be able to live normally in Moscow? And how to make the student's life less expensive and expensive for parents?

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Most of the possible expenses will need to be paid for renting housing. Even not very luxurious apartments located far from the center are very expensive in Moscow. Therefore, it will be best for a student to live in a hostel, this will immediately remove a huge item of expenses for his living. However, if a university does not have a hostel or does not get a place in it, you can find several guys, perhaps even from the same university and from the course, with whom it is convenient to rent housing together. Then the rental costs will not be so high. It is quite convenient for two to live in one room, and if the apartment is one-room, then three of us. Sometimes students are selected a room in an ordinary dormitory or communal apartment.

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To reduce travel costs, it is better to find housing for a student near the university, as well as buy a ticket for the metro and ground transportation. The student should understand that everyday travel by minibuses will significantly increase his expenses per month, while using transport only with a pass can save more than one thousand rubles.

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Shopping and cooking will be an important savings point. It is worth giving up daily meals in cafes and eateries, ordering food at home and buying ready-made fast food like shawarma, pizza, rolls, even instant noodles. Despite their seemingly low price, these products are much more expensive than regular ones from the store. If you cook your own food, you can reduce the cost of food up to two times, and also preserve your health.

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Under no circumstances should a student be allowed to eat only instant noodles or sandwiches. If a prospective student does not know how to cook, it is worth teaching him how to cook some simple dishes before going to college. In addition, it will be useful to share the cost of food with fellow students who live with the student in a dormitory or apartment. This is much more profitable than buying the same set of products for each student.

Step 6

And, of course, college life is a fun time when you want to meet new people and visit interesting places. But you need to remember that the entertainment industry in Moscow is quite expensive, so you should not visit nightclubs, cafes and restaurants every week, otherwise you can quickly be left without parental money sent for a month.

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