What Cactus Can Be Kept At Home

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What Cactus Can Be Kept At Home
What Cactus Can Be Kept At Home
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Cacti are ideal for creating a home collection of exotic plants. He is recognized as a global collector's favorite. Its beauty and simple care is a pleasure. And the bad influence of cacti and negativity, as practice claims, can be eliminated altogether.

What cactus can be kept at home
What cactus can be kept at home

Types of cacti

Every day there are more and more new types of cacti, today there are about 3000. The most popular among indoor plant lovers and suitable for growing at home are the following types:

- echinopsis. They are also called hedgehog cacti. The most popular of all types. Ribbed with large needles, the shape is close to round. For its reproduction, the shoots are removed from the sides of the cactus, subsequently rooting them. The plant blooms only after quality care;

- Cereus. Outwardly it resembles a hedgehog cactus, but only the plant has many rounded shapes that are piled on top of each other. Not moody, grows up quite large. But it does not bloom at home;

- prickly pear robusta. With proper care, it can grow up to 1 meter. Branched, has flat elongated elements, the shape of which strongly resembles flat cakes. Different varieties of a species can have different needles. For example, on some the needles are hard, while on others they are soft and elongated. For reproduction, cuttings of the plant are used. It is very beautiful, therefore it is used to decorate the room;

- mammillaria. Has a faded green shade with soft needles. Outwardly, it resembles a woolly ball. To wait for flowering, you have to take good care;

- phyllocactus. Refers to a variety of leafy cacti. The plant has flat, long and wide stems. Just like mammillaria, the plant blooms only after proper care, and propagates by cuttings;

- hymnocalycium. Sold in flower shops, belongs to the genus succulent. The cactus begins to bloom after 3 years. It grows in height no more than 7–8 cm, while its diameter is 2 times larger. The flowers of the plant are of various colors and shades;

- a parody. A genus of cactus, which includes up to 100 varieties. They are aesthetic and do not require any special care. For the plant to start blooming, moderate watering is enough to maintain the necessary moisture in the soil.

Content of cacti

Compliance with simple rules will make it possible to successfully grow cacti and achieve their annual flowering:

- Organization of the correct temperature regime. Cacti feel great in sunny places, without drafts and heaters;

- Correct watering. Any cactus can easily endure a drought, but it can suffer from excess water. Soft water is used for irrigation, and the irrigation regime will depend on the season;

- The soil. The cactus should not be in a large container. So that the plants do not cease to please themselves, you do not need to change their location. Cacti blooming in winter need minimal watering.

If cactus is properly cared for, its life will last for hundreds of years. Flowers appear very rarely, with white, purple, burgundy, caramel shades, etc. All types of plants are unique in their own way.

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