How To Fill A Jack

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How To Fill A Jack
How To Fill A Jack

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A jack is a mechanism for lifting a load. The hydraulic jack runs on oil, with the help of which it presses on the piston and raises the rod upward, due to which the load is lifted. If there is not enough oil, then the mechanism will not work.

How to fill a jack
How to fill a jack


  • - butter;
  • - flushing liquid.


Step 1

To fill the hydraulic jack with oil, unscrew the filler plug, drain all the old oil, flush the mechanism with flushing fluid. It is very difficult to completely flush the jack. You will have to fill in flushing fluid several times, pump it, add fluid and pump it again. Use the same method to drain.

Step 2

Fill the container with oil up to the maximum mark. In this case, the mechanism itself should be in the lowest possible position. To lower the stem to the lower position, turn the screw-cock to the “drain” position. Tighten the plug, pump it 5-6 times, unscrew the plug again, add oil, tighten the plug. Each time the oil will not be enough to the maximum level, so pump it until the bubbles stop appearing and the oil level reaches the maximum mark.

Step 3

Perform all work on changing the oil and flushing the jack without load. It is possible to use the mechanism for its intended purpose only after the complete completion of the oil change.

Step 4

Any oil is suitable for the jack, but in winter use synthetic winter oil so that the mechanism is ready for operation at any time if necessary. At the same time, regardless of the season, manufacturers of hydraulic mechanisms recommend storing them in a warm, heated room so that the oil does not freeze. You can work as a jack in the cold for a short time in cases of emergency, for example, if you need to urgently raise the car to replace a punctured tire.

Step 5

Change the oil at least twice a year if you use the jack from time to time. If the mechanism is used systematically, then change the oil monthly, be sure to flush it completely every time you change the oil. With this method, you will significantly extend the jack's life, and there will be no need to make expensive hydraulic repairs.

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