How To Draw Up An Instruction Manual

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How To Draw Up An Instruction Manual
How To Draw Up An Instruction Manual
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Each product group must have an instruction manual, which contains key points and technical characteristics. For the consumer, such an instruction will serve as a hint for correct handling, which is the key to long-term work with the preservation of all the qualities of the product.

How to draw up an instruction manual
How to draw up an instruction manual


Step 1

At the beginning of the instructions, create and write a table of contents to make it easier for the user to find the information they need.

Step 2

Next, indicate the technical characteristics if we are talking about household appliances, or the composition of the material if you write about clothes or woven things (tourist tents, covers, etc.)

Step 3

If the device needs to be assembled before use, indicate the assembly diagram in the pictures. Each detail of the drawing should be numbered. If the device or item is completely collapsible, then the assembly diagram must be described in a separate brochure.

Step 4

If there are buttons on the device, indicate the purpose of each, describing everything in separate paragraphs.

Step 5

For household appliances, electronics, computer equipment, the instruction should contain items for setting parameters. For example, for a TV, write how to work with the menu, how to tune channels, how to connect additional devices.

Step 6

The next paragraph should contain the operating conditions. Note, for example, at what temperature the device operates or at what temperature it is designed. Supplement with power consumption specifications.

Step 7

Indicate which manipulations should not be carried out with the product, so as not to violate its operational properties.

Step 8

Give information about the care of the product. For example, how can you wash (or not), at what temperature to wash, is it possible to dry clean, if it concerns things.

Step 9

For home appliances or electronics, be sure to include a list of possible faults and solutions. It is better if such a list is given in the form of a table. On the left, write a possible malfunction, on the right - how to quickly fix it.

Step 10

Write the precautions at the end of the instructions. Is it possible to handle this thing for children, what elements can be dangerous. What actions to do with this subject categorically.

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