The Meaning Of The Name David

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The Meaning Of The Name David
The Meaning Of The Name David

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David is a name of biblical origin. It has Hebrew roots and is translated as "favorite", "beloved." It is curious that this name is considered one of the most common in Russia. It has now slightly transformed from David to David.

David is a biblical name
David is a biblical name

The meaning of the name David in childhood

Little David is distinguished by his emotional excitability. As a child, the boy tries to stick to his mother everywhere. While still small, he is a sickly child, infectious diseases are a frequent occurrence for him. In general, David is a sweet and sociable boy. From childhood he can be introduced to books, but he is not a fan of reading at his leisure. David gives his preference to sports.

The meaning of the name David in adulthood

As the boy grows up, he will become a more balanced personality. At this age, David is already confident in himself. This is a proud and strong-willed guy. David loves to be in the thick of certain events, taking an active part in any business. A grown-up guy is a self-confident and proud person. In addition, he strives to please all people, without exception.

David simply adores interfering in other people's affairs, giving out useful advice, and also being aware of everything that is happening in the country and in the world. The owners of this name simply need to be aware of their importance in a particular society.

Davids are sociable men. They are constantly surrounded by friends and female attention. This is understandable: these are decisive, often extravagant and prominent men who know how to sympathize and be objective. But not everything is so sweet, but smooth. Sometimes among David's arrogant egoists grow up, combining pragmatism and pessimism.

The meaning of the name David in family life

It is noticed that the owners of the name David know a lot about women. However, their first marriage often falls apart. For David, these events do not pass without a trace: they take into account their past mistakes and, having married a second time, try not to break the wood anymore. David is an exemplary family man who demonstrates sincere affection for his wife, children, and home.

David will make his wife only a strong-willed and beautiful woman, whom he will devote to all his affairs. It will be easy and pleasant for his wife to live in marriage, since the husband independently takes on the solution of various kinds of everyday problems. David is a real stone wall for his family.

The meaning of the name David in the professional field

Holders of the name David are people who improve themselves throughout their lives. It is curious that in most cases they succeed. David can make an excellent diplomat, geologist or speleologist. This man is strong both physically and mentally. This allows him to work in completely different guises, requiring from him endurance, concentration, calculation.

Many Davids aspire to become leaders at work. In principle, sometimes they succeed: in David, from childhood, the qualities of a leader are laid, which he can later develop. Choosing a future profession, David should take a closer look at the business sphere or politics. He will get tired of routine and monotonous work. Be that as it may, and the incentive in any work of David is earnings.

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