What Is Manual Therapy

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What Is Manual Therapy
What Is Manual Therapy

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In the arsenal of doctors - more and more different methods and techniques. In addition, modern technologies allow treatment with maximum speed and diagnostic accuracy. But there is another rather unusual way - manual therapy.

What is manual therapy
What is manual therapy

Manual therapy - what is it?

Manual therapy is a combination of versatile therapeutic techniques and techniques for diagnosing ailments in the field of orthopedics. In other words, manual therapy can be called hand therapy. This branch of medicine is quite ancient, it originates in the civilizations of Egypt, ancient Greece, India.

The last century has been fruitful for this type of therapy. Today it is used in the treatment of diseases in the area of ​​the musculoskeletal system.

This technique has many advantages. The main plus is that it is safe and natural for the human body.

Oriental medicine contributed to the development of manual therapy. Chinese experts argued that if you physically influence certain points of the human body, then you can significantly affect the damaged organs and tissues of a person. This effect was achieved by the fact that doctors healed pain by influencing the energy balance of the focus of the problem, thereby eliminating it.

After the advent of manual therapy, it almost immediately split into two large branches: chiropractic and osteopathy.

The value of the spine for the human body

The spine is a large biomechanical system. Most of the pathologies of internal organs are associated with damage to this complex system. Damage can be understood as any reversible changes in mobility in the joints, between the vertebrae and in other structures of the human body that may appear during human activity. The reasons for such changes can be everyday activities, such as: sudden jerking movements when performing physical work, lifting heavy things, prolonged stay in any position, including sitting at the computer or at the desk.

Manual therapy as a specialty has spread widely in the United States, where people only had time for work, but not for physical education. For example, in China and India, people are used to doing physical therapy and doing at least some kind of warm-up while working. This is such a popularity of manual therapy in the United States, since it allows you to relieve pain syndrome as soon as possible and return a person to work.

The structure of the spine is very closely related. So, for example, if you change the position of one spine in the cervical spine, then the entire structure of the vertebrae will slowly begin to change. So, at first, this process can be considered as beneficial for the body due to the fact that the body adapts to changes and does not suffer. But in the future, changes of this kind can lead to serious diseases and pathologies. When the natural state of the spine changes, overloads can appear in it, nerves and blood vessels are impaired.

Nevertheless, manual therapy should not be considered as a remedy for all diseases and any chronic pain, but should be used in conjunction with modern methods of treating similar diseases.

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