How To Charge The Stapler

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How To Charge The Stapler
How To Charge The Stapler
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A stapler (translated from the English "stapler") is a necessary thing in everyday life and at work. The stationery stapler is designed for stapling sheets and files. There are five types of stapler: manual, manual office, desktop horizontal or vertical, stapling, typographic. They all differ, first of all, in the number of sheets that can be sewn at the same time.

How to charge the stapler
How to charge the stapler


  • - stapler;
  • - staples.


Step 1

Determine what type of stapler you have. To do this, see how many sheets you can sew at the same time. The simplest devices are pocket staplers. They are designed to staple up to 10 sheets. Manual office ones have a special indentation on the fingers and allow you to staple up to 30 sheets. The desktop horizontal or vertical has a rubber or plastic sole and can sew up to 50 sheets. Saddle stitches can staple up to 150 sheets, while typographic stitches with a maximum stitching depth can staple up to 250 sheets at a time. A special feature of stapling is through fastening, which you carry out using a metal staple. The staple pierces the sheets to be stapled through, and its ends abut against the plate located at the end of the other side of the stapler.

Step 2

Before loading the stapler, determine the size of the staples that will fit the stapler. Staples (also called staples) are of several types: No. 10, 26/8, 26/6, 24/8, 24/6. These numbers are written on the packaging. Staples must be packed in cardboard boxes of 500, 1000 or 2000 pieces. Which of the above is right for your stapler, find out by looking at its packaging.

Step 3

To load the stapler with the selected staples, fold back the cover. It is connected by a spring to a plastic element that presses the staples against the opposite edge of the metal groove in which the staples are placed. Opening the lid will pull the spring and therefore the plastic element with it, thus making room for new staples.

Step 4

Take one section of staples and place them in the metal groove, ends down. Close the lid and click to sample with the stapler once. If a staple with concave ends fell out of it, then you did everything right, if this did not happen, or the staple was bent incorrectly, then repeat the procedure, or change the stapler.

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