Primary Extinguishing Media: General Requirements

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Primary Extinguishing Media: General Requirements
Primary Extinguishing Media: General Requirements

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Fire safety is one of the most important components of civil security in general. The availability of the necessary fire extinguishing equipment is a prerequisite for compliance with its standards.

Shield with primary fire extinguishing equipment
Shield with primary fire extinguishing equipment

Ensuring an appropriate level of fire safety at an enterprise or organization is one of the most important links in the labor protection system. State standards have developed and implemented lists and norms for the provision of primary fire extinguishing means, which allow minimizing losses from local sources of fire before the arrival of fire specialists.

What is the primary extinguishing agent

According to the established rules and regulations, such means should be considered:

- fire extinguishers;

- internal fire hydrants;

- fire fighting equipment and tools.

The list of firefighting equipment may include: boxes with sand, buckets, shovels, barrels of water, non-combustible cloths (usually asbestos). Baggars, axes and crowbars are considered firefighting tools. The level of required equipment with the listed means for extinguishing a fire is determined depending on the fire hazard of the facility, its area, the number of working personnel.

General requirements for primary fire extinguishing equipment (PSP)

Regulatory documents on fire safety issues also regulate general requirements for PSP.

1. All available means for fighting fire must be located in easily accessible places. They should not interfere with the evacuation of people.

2. Inspection of the PSP should be carried out regularly. Defective means, inventory and tools must be replaced as soon as possible.

3. Maintenance of fire extinguishers and internal fire hydrants must be carried out in a timely manner. In this case, an appropriate act is drawn up or an organization authorized to carry out such work puts a marking mark on the authorized means.

4. Instructions for working with PSP are prohibited from using them for other than their direct practical purpose.

5. The fire extinguishing media located on the fire panel should not be rigidly fixed in place with wires, nails, etc.

6. Fire shields at the enterprise are numbered and sealed in a way that does not impede their easy opening.

7. Placement of serviceable fire extinguishers is carried out at a height of no more than 1.5 m from the floor to the lower edge of the device in places not exposed to direct sunlight, at a sufficient distance from heating or heating systems.

8. Access to the PSP should be unimpeded.

In places where fire extinguishing means are placed, plates indicating the telephone number of the fire service are mandatory.

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