How To Break A Bad Habit

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How To Break A Bad Habit
How To Break A Bad Habit

Video: How To Break A Bad Habit

Video: How To Break A Bad Habit
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Almost every person has bad habits that harm their health, beauty, or are simply unpleasant to others. Weak-willed people claim that they cannot resist temptation, but those with a strong will can overcome their addictions.

How to break a bad habit
How to break a bad habit


Step 1

Determine what exactly your bad habit gives you. Perhaps you enjoy relaxing with a cigarette. Office workers have probably noticed how their smoking colleagues run into the smoking room every hour, taking a ten-minute break and exchanging important news, while others continue to work - it is difficult to give up such a habit. Try to relax in a different way. Close your eyes, fold your work papers and allow yourself to sit for five minutes in silence, or go out to your friends in the smoking room not with a cigarette, but with a mug of tea. This way you get your break, and you don't have to rest at the expense of your health.

Step 2

Prevent your habits. If you like to eat chips in front of the TV while walking home from work, bypass the store. It is unlikely that you will then want to specifically run after your favorite junk food. If you bite your nails while watching melodramas, keep your hands busy with embroidery or knitting.

Step 3

Ask loved ones to help you. They will gladly hit you on the back every time you slouch and drop your shoulders.

Step 4

Reward yourself for small victories over your weaknesses. If you haven't been stressful of candy during the work week, go shopping at the weekend and buy yourself a reward of your favorite lipstick.

Step 5

Control your actions. Many people unknowingly begin to bite their nails, pick their noses, light another cigarette, while their brain is busy watching a movie or talking.

Step 6

If you are not yet ready to finally give up a bad habit, keep its health consequences to a minimum. Low-calorie food options and reduced-nicotine cigarettes will help you with this.

Step 7

Separately, it should be said about how to deal with the bad habits of young children. More than half of them appear in a child from a lack of attention, and by his actions he begs for a reaction from you to his presence, albeit negative. Calmly explain to your child that picking your nose and using swear words makes you incredibly upset, and continue to be more attentive to the needs of your son or daughter.

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