How Age Is Determined

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How Age Is Determined
How Age Is Determined
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They say that age is not the number of years lived, but the sum of accumulated impressions. Indeed, a person's age is a very capacious concept that includes biological, psychological, social and intellectual factors.

How age is determined
How age is determined


Step 1

The age of a person, with the exception of rare cases, can be determined visually. Gives out, as a rule, the face and body. By the neck, arms, skin of the eyelids and earlobes, it is quite easy to determine how old a person is. In young people, the skin is lighter, with a slight blush, thanks to the hormone estrogen. In addition, pay attention to the shoulders of the student - the absence of a mark from smallpox vaccination indicates that the person was born after 1980, it was then that they stopped being given to children. Wearing glasses with diopters can signal that its owner is under 40 - it is at this age that sclerotic changes in the lens most often occur.

Step 2

If the age of a person interests you, but you cannot ask a direct question for delicate reasons, resort to such an innocent trick. Start a casual conversation about the realities of the past. For example, ask how many classes a person graduated from (eleven-year secondary education appeared in 1990), whether he was in the Komsomol (the organization existed until the same 1990), whether he wore shoes on a "decoy", whether he played electronic games like "Wait a minute. ! ", Did you listen to" Modern Talking ", etc.?

Step 3

There is another fun way to calculate age - math. Ask the interlocutor to multiply his age by 7, and then by 1443. The result of these actions will be the age of the subject in the form of three identical two-digit numbers. For example: 39 (age) x 7 x 1443 = 393939.

Step 4

There are tests that can help determine biological age. To do this, you need to measure the pulse before and after exercise; pinch yourself on the back of your hand and see how long it takes for the whitened skin to return to its previous color; reach the floor; close your eyes, standing on one leg, and stand for as long as possible; put your hands behind your back and take them into the lock, etc. The better you can do this, the younger your body.

Step 5

There is also such a thing as psychological age. It reflects a person's self-awareness and psychological tone. There are people who, even at 80 years old, do not feel like decrepit old people, and, on the contrary, quite young people who are already wise and mature in life.

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