Where To Donate Old Books

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Where To Donate Old Books
Where To Donate Old Books

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Electronic book readers are gaining popularity. Plain paper books start to get in the way because they take up a lot of space. At the same time, simply throwing them away, as is often the case with other things, does not raise a hand for the owners. It is also not always possible to donate to the library. Many libraries are striving to part with old collections, and their employees are also racking their brains about where to put the books.

Where to donate old books
Where to donate old books


Step 1

Sort your books. Maybe some of them will still be taken to the library. Call and find out what kind of literature is in demand. The modern library is gradually ceasing to be a place where only books are stored and temporarily lent out. It looks more and more like a hobby club, where they collect literature on a specific topic, hold meetings, lectures and book salons. It is possible that it is you who have literature on local history, history of technology, art, which may interest readers. By the way, private libraries are being actively created now. Their owners collect literature on chronological or territorial grounds and sometimes even look for books that were once sold for a load.

Step 2

Antique books will be accepted at a second-hand bookstore. The number of such stores has, of course, decreased significantly in recent years, but they are still available in large cities. Find out which books are in demand. For them it will be possible to bail out a certain amount, sometimes quite substantial. Books that are not very popular can be returned to a second-hand bookstore, but they will most likely be distributed free of charge.

Step 3

Children's books can be taken to the nearest kindergarten. Preschoolers have not yet switched to e-readers, they still need regular picture books. So your selection may well find a place for itself in the teaching room or even in the book corner of one of the groups. The orphanage will gladly accept such books.

Step 4

Fiction and popular science literature can be taken to a home for the disabled or elderly. Older people are used to reading, and besides, they are not very active in mastering electronic devices, so they will be grateful to you for the gift. By the way, if there is a nearby sanatorium or a rehabilitation center with a round-the-clock stay for the elderly, they may also be interested in your proposal.

Step 5

Sometimes even people who have mastered a computer and electronic readers prefer ordinary books. There are many communities on social networks where users offer to donate or sell something, including books. There are such groups in LiveJournal, VKontakte, and Facebook. Make a list of books and write a post that you want to give them away or sell them for a small price. Don't forget to include the city. Those who wish will certainly be found. By the way, if you suddenly do not find such a community on your social network, create it yourself.

Step 6

Place an ad that you are donating your library on the BookRiver website. Registration is required there, but it is quite simple. You can write a message on your city forum.

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