How To Break In A Chainsaw

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How To Break In A Chainsaw
How To Break In A Chainsaw

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In order for a new chainsaw to serve you for a long time, and you get only positive emotions from working with it, you need to properly run it in. During the running-in process, the engine parts and the saw headset are lapped, thereby increasing the service life of the chainsaw and the stability of its operation.

How to break in a chainsaw
How to break in a chainsaw


  • - chainsaw;
  • - manual.
  • - gasoline;
  • - oil.


Step 1

Read the instructions for your chainsaw. Pay particular attention to the sections on starting a cold and hot engine. The engine is started the same way in all gasoline saws. Only the arrangement of the controls is different.

Step 2

Install and adjust the saw head.

Step 3

Prepare the fuel mixture, observing the exact proportions of gasoline and oil (see the passport of the chainsaw). For two-stroke engines, the proportion is 1:50, that is, 20 g of oil per 1 liter of gasoline. In the first refueling, it is permissible to add 25 g of oil per liter of gasoline, so that in the first hours of operation, the engine mechanisms receive enhanced lubrication.

Step 4

Pour the prepared mixture into the fuel tank.

Step 5

Check if there is oil in the reservoir from which the chain is lubricated. Lack of lubrication, when working at high speeds, can damage the chain and saw blade.

Step 6

Check the position of the overrun brake before starting. When it is off, the chain can be rotated freely by hand. Do not operate when the overrun brake is on. Doing so could melt the saw body and fire.

Step 7

Start the chainsaw and let it run for 5 minutes. Then start cutting branches and small trunks (up to 100 mm). The saw should be running at medium speed. Observe safety precautions!

Step 8

After 40-50 minutes of operation, check the chain tension, tighten it if necessary. Continue running in (before the tank runs out of fuel). Do not allow the saw to idle for a long time! Do not overload the chainsaw engine when running in. Avoid actions that could seize the chain or stall the engine. This will damage the new engine and damage the saw itself. This is not a warranty case, you will have to repair it at your own expense.

Step 9

After completing the break-in, take the chainsaw to a service center. The center's specialists will make a control adjustment of the carburetor. After that, you can use your chainsaw, observing the operating instructions and safety precautions.

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