How To Treat An Apartment If You Break A Thermometer

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How To Treat An Apartment If You Break A Thermometer
How To Treat An Apartment If You Break A Thermometer

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Mercury is a liquid metal, poisoning with which occurs at the time of its evaporation, especially in room conditions: poisonous vapors enter the human body through the lungs, through mucous membranes, through open skin. After a while, these vapors enter the bloodstream, which carries the poison throughout the body. All this can lead to the death of a person. And the fault is all - a broken thermometer and inept actions to eliminate its consequences.

Broken thermometer is no joke
Broken thermometer is no joke


Step 1

Mercury vapor can damage the human nervous system, disrupt the functioning of the kidneys and gastrointestinal tract. In especially severe cases, pneumonia develops, ending in death. Therefore, if the thermometer has crashed, you need to immediately contact the professionals by phone - to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, where they will tell you about further actions, or to the hospital. If the thermometer has broken, and it is not possible to consult, you need to act on your own. The main thing here is not to panic!

Step 2

Firstly, in the apartment where the thermometer has crashed, it is necessary to create access to fresh air. In this case, it is not recommended to arrange a draft, since mercury balls can scatter throughout the apartment. Secondly, you need to put on whole rubber gloves on your hands. This must be done to avoid direct skin contact with liquid metal. Thirdly, fragments of a broken thermometer are collected exclusively in glass containers (for example, in a jar) filled with cold water. This is to prevent further evaporation of toxic mercury. After collecting the fragments, the container must be tightly closed with a lid.

Step 3

If there are the smallest fragments of a thermometer on the floor of the apartment, then it is recommended to collect them with adhesive plaster, scotch tape, electrical tape, wet newspaper, rubber bulb, syringe, etc. The main thing is not to touch them with your hands, since small particles can tear the glove, as a result of which skin contact with mercury will occur. The container with the collected fragments of the thermometer must be handed over to the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Fourth, the collection of mercury beads should be started immediately. Experts recommend using sulfur: balls of mercury sprinkled with this substance become non-toxic and non-volatile. It is convenient to collect mercury peas by rolling them onto a piece of paper with a brush or other sheet.

Step 4

To remove mercury from hard-to-reach places, you can use a cotton swab dipped in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. After collecting, the mercury is carefully placed in a glass container filled with cold water (or a solution of potassium permanganate). Fifth, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the entire room. All windows must be open: the apartment must be well ventilated. The place where the thermometer crashed is treated with soap-soda or chlorine solution. Before the arrival of specialists from the Ministry of Emergency Situations, glass containers with fragments of a thermometer and the remains of mercury must be put on the balcony. This will reduce the release of toxic substances.

Step 5

And, finally, the final step in eliminating the consequences of a broken thermometer is its own disinfection. To do this, you need to seek the help of specialists from the Ministry of Emergency Situations or doctors. As a preventive measure, diuretic drinks should be consumed in large quantities, allowing potential mercury vapors to be excreted from the body faster.

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