How To Break The Nose Picking Habit

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How To Break The Nose Picking Habit
How To Break The Nose Picking Habit
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It is difficult to find a person who has never had bad habits. Many actions that are unpleasant for others are performed by people unconsciously, without controlling their actions. If you get rid of the habits of biting nails, scratching your head, picking your nose in childhood, the child will learn to control his actions, which will only have a positive effect on his future life.

How to break your nose picking habit
How to break your nose picking habit


  • - disposable wipes;
  • - softening drops.


Step 1

Picking your nose can lead to infection, which you bring to the nasal mucosa through the wounds with dirty nails. There are even cases of piercing the nasal septum with fingers. It is important to understand that these facts are not threats at all, but reality.

Step 2

If there is a real need to cleanse your nose, use disposable wipes. A stale handkerchief is an excellent carrier of viruses and bacteria that take root well in an organism weakened by a runny nose. Disposable soft wipes are the best remedy in this situation.

Step 3

Whenever you notice that your finger is already in your nose, take it out. Control your desires. Don't let your movements become stable reflexes. Cut off every attempt to stick your finger in your nose, even when you're alone.

Step 4

Imagine that you are constantly in public so that the fear of disgrace will stop you. After all, being at work or in the store, you spend much less time picking your nose. This means that your subconscious mind controls your bad habit, at least in public places.

Step 5

Develop other habits that will help you get rid of bad ones. When washing your face, clean your nose thoroughly every morning so that the waste does not irritate the nasal mucosa. You can use special drops to soften dried secretions. If you have a completely clean nose, no itching will remind you of its existence.

Step 6

Cut your nails short so there is nothing to pick. Look at yourself in the mirror with your finger in your nose. Surely you will not find this spectacle attractive. Imagine that this is how others see you. Thinking about it will help you stop digging your nose if you want to.

Step 7

Find a job for your fingers. Start solving jigsaw puzzles, embroidering or making something useful. This will calm your nerves and gradually get rid of the harmful and unpleasant habit of picking your nose.

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