How To Write And Arrange A Letter Abroad

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How To Write And Arrange A Letter Abroad
How To Write And Arrange A Letter Abroad

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Letters according to the American model are drawn up in a completely different way from the way they are done according to Russian standards. There is a certain set of rules for writing business letters in English and other European languages. You need to know and learn to apply special clichés to accomplish this task.

How to write and arrange a letter abroad
How to write and arrange a letter abroad


  • - computer;
  • - writing accessories;
  • - paper;
  • - the envelope.


Step 1

Choose white or gray paper for writing your letter. The font color is best set to black or blue. If you are typing a letter on a computer, you still need to sign it by hand. It is advisable to choose an envelope based on the color of the paper. On it, fill in the following items in the order shown: • Title and identity of the addressee; • Abbreviated or full name of the organization; • House and street name; • City; • County (UK) or state (USA); • Postal code (zip code), country …

Step 2

Start filling out the letter with the sender's address and name. Then sign the date in the upper right corner with 2 lines below the address. For example: 12th February, 2006; 02/12/2006 (USA); February 12th, 2006. Enter the address and full name of the recipient of the letter. This is done 2 lines below the date on the left side of the sheet. It is written in the same format as the sender's address. The recipient's name must be written in this order: first name, patronymic, last name, rank.

Step 3

Watch out for the address to the recipient of the letter: Mr. - male (married / single), Mrs. Is a married woman, Miss is an unmarried woman and Ms is a woman whose marital status is not known to us.

Step 4

Write a greeting. It is recommended to start it 2 lines below the address on the left. The most common greetings clichés are: Dear Sir; Gentlemen; Dear Madam; Dear Mr. Collins; Dear Jay. If you put the word my (mine), then it will mean a letter of a personal nature. Indicate the subject of the appeal in two lines below: Re:, Subject: or Fw:.

Step 5

Fill out the main body of the letter as well. It is better to write each paragraph of this section with an indent of 4-5 characters. Use 1.5 spacing. First, state the purpose of the letter. Here are some relevant examples: • Thanks for your letter of… • Just a few words to…

Step 6

At the end of the main part, it is customary to express hope for further communication, correspondence or cooperation. Here are a couple of clichés that work for this: • I look forward to hearing from you • I look forward to receiving your answer • I hope that this will prompt you • I will look forward to meeting you…

Step 7

Also write the final line in the middle of the sheet 2 lines below the body. Capitalize the first word only. End with a comma, name and signature. Some examples: • Yours truly,… • Sincerely yours,… • Respectfully yours,…

Step 8

Make a signature. As a rule, it is best to leave it by hand just below the ending line. If this is a business correspondence, then you need to write the name of the organization, name and position.

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