How To Make A Homemade Drill

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How To Make A Homemade Drill
How To Make A Homemade Drill

Video: How To Make A Homemade Drill

Video: How To Make A Homemade Drill
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With the help of a hand drill, you can drill wells, install fence posts and foundation piles, and plant shrubs and trees. When making a drill, you can independently choose what diameter and depth the holes will be.

How to make a homemade drill
How to make a homemade drill


  • - Circular Saw;
  • - steel pipe;
  • - welding machine


Step 1

Cut the old circular saw in half. Orient both parts so that the teeth point to one side when drilling and sharpen them carefully with a sander. Take a 3/4 inch pipe, rivet the end of it, and grind it down to make it sharp. The tip should act as a guide, while protruding 7 - 8 cm from the blades.

Step 2

Weld the blades to the pipe with a camber of about 20 degrees. At the other end of the pipe, weld a piece of pipe? inches to serve as the handle of the drill. Note that the longer the handle is, the more rotational movement of the drill will be carried out by you.

Step 3

Currently, during the construction of the foundation, concrete pillars are installed with an expansion at the bottom, which makes it possible to strengthen the holding properties. So that the drill can make indentations for such columns, it can be improved.

Step 4

Several pipe sections must be welded onto the drill pipe, which will serve as guides for the rod. Weld the first loop at the bottom at the very blades, to it - a piece of metal strip. Its length should be equal to the diameter of the future support. At the free edge, sharpen the edges of the strip as sharply as possible, since its function will be to cut the soil along the edges of the hole. To make the earth rake to the center of the hole, twist the strip slightly along its axis.

Step 5

On the strip, step back about 10 cm from the first loop and weld the second, to it - a loop segment equal in length to the distance between the two loops. This piece of bar will serve as a lever. Weld the third loop to its other end, and to it a bar passed through the guide rings attached along the drill pipe.

Step 6

First, a regular hole is drilled to the desired depth. At the same time, the bar is raised up. When the required depth is reached, the bar is forced downward. The sharp edge at the bottom of the drill will move to the side and, touching the walls of the hole, will scrape the soil at the base of the depression.

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