How To Adjust The Valves On The Tractor

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How To Adjust The Valves On The Tractor
How To Adjust The Valves On The Tractor

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Flawless and reliable operation of the tractor depends on the correct operation and timely maintenance of its main units and mechanisms. One of the most crucial moments in the maintenance of equipment is the adjustment of the engine valves and the power take-off shaft (PTO). In order to configure the mechanism properly, you must adhere to a certain sequence of actions.

How to adjust the valves on the tractor
How to adjust the valves on the tractor


  • - pressure gauge;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - set of wrenches;
  • - probe.


Step 1

To adjust the valves of the power take-off shaft on the T-150 tractor, unscrew the plug from the cover of the switch-on valve and install a pressure gauge instead.

Step 2

Start the diesel engine and warm up the fluid to a temperature of 45 degrees, alternately turning on and off the power take-off shaft.

Step 3

Tighten the adjusting screw of the constant pressure valve to the 1.6 MPa mark. Adjust the valve to a pressure of 1.0 MPa with the appropriate screw. After bringing this parameter to the required level, lock and seal the screws.

Step 4

Adjust the length of the link that controls the PTO clutch. Set the length of the link so that at the uppermost point of the control lever the corresponding gear lever rests against the adjusting screw.

Step 5

For the starting tractor engine of the P-23 brand, to adjust the valves, first remove the covers of the valve mechanism hatches. Then remove the candles. Carefully turn the crankshaft using the handle so that the flywheel mark and the risk mark on the side of the hatch are aligned on the compression stroke of the cylinder. Now, by turning the pusher adjusting screw, set the required clearance (0.2-0.25 mm) and tighten the lock nut. Check the gap.

Step 6

For engines of brands AM-01, AM-41, the gap between the rocker arm and the valve stem should be 0.25 mm. To adjust the gap, first engage the decompression mechanism. Then set the piston of the first cylinder to top dead center on the compression stroke; the dowel pin must be aligned with the flywheel bore. Now turn off the decompression mechanism.

Step 7

When adjusting the valves of the D-75 engine, first check the fastening of the rollers and the links of the decompression mechanism. Remove the valve cover. Make sure rocker arms and cylinder heads are securely fastened. Move the decompression lever to the warm-up position. Slowly crank the crankshaft until the pin aligns with the flywheel bore on the compression stroke. Then set the lever to the operating position and adjust the inlet and outlet valve clearances.

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