How To Adjust The Height

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How To Adjust The Height
How To Adjust The Height

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So you've finally got your bike and want to take your pedal friend out for a ride. Do not rush to do this until you have adjusted the height of the bike seat and handlebars, as incorrect positioning can lead to your injury.

How to adjust the height
How to adjust the height

It is necessary

  • - bicycle;
  • - a set of tools for repairing a bicycle.


Step 1

If you chose a bike in a specialized store, then the sales assistant must have correctly selected the size of the bike frame for your height. Now you need to adjust the height of the saddle and handlebars of your bike. Start with the saddle - sit on it and make sure that your heel reaches the pedal in the lowest position (H). Pay attention to the shoes - it is advisable to try on the shoes in which you are going to ride a bike.

If the leg is not fully extended, it will lead to fatigue, as the leg muscles will not work optimally. And if the saddle is too high, the foot will not reach the pedal and it will be difficult to get on the bike.

Step 2

Then adjust the tilt of the saddle - first set it perfectly horizontal. Then, in the process of cycling, you will decide which position of the seat suits you best. If the toe of the saddle is raised too high, there is a risk of discomfort in the crotch area. If you lower it too low, the load on your arms will increase, which will lead to quick fatigue.

Adjust the saddle horizontally so that the distance from the toe of the seat to the stem (L) is the same as the distance from the elbow to the fingertips.

Step 3

Bicycles of different models and purposes have different stems. Some of them can only be adjusted in height by a few millimeters using the spacer rings. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the stem that is on the bike, then you can purchase this spare part with a different geometry or with the ability to adjust the height of the handlebar.

Step 4

Choose the position in which you are going to ride the bike - this will determine the height of the handlebars. For road trips with motorized traffic, choose a seating position that does not make it difficult to control the situation on the road - this is approximately 30% of the cyclist's back from the vertical. Do not raise the handlebars too high, it will be difficult to drive uphill.

Step 5

Take the hex wrench, loosen the stem bolt, set the handlebar to the desired height and tighten the bolt.

The height of the handlebars in relation to the position of the saddle should be different for different categories of bicycles. Urban bikes have a handlebar above the saddle. On hybrid and mountain bikes, the handlebars and saddle are roughly in line. Rider bar - below saddle level. This is the optimum performance for these bikes.

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