How To Make A Mini Tractor From A Walk-behind Tractor

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How To Make A Mini Tractor From A Walk-behind Tractor
How To Make A Mini Tractor From A Walk-behind Tractor

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Sooner or later, each owner of a land plot is faced with the question: how to mechanize agricultural work? Help in cultivating the land and harvesting can be provided by a homemade walk-behind tractor. And, if desired, it can even be improved by attaching a frame with a trolley to the walk-behind tractor to make a real mini tractor.

How to make a mini tractor from a walk-behind tractor
How to make a mini tractor from a walk-behind tractor


  • - walk-behind tractor;
  • - wheels from motorized carriages;
  • - metal corners and pipes;
  • - welding machine;
  • - tools for working with metal.


Step 1

Prepare the main parts for building a mini tractor. Take as a basis a walk-behind tractor equipped with a Tulitsa engine, a starting device (for example, PD-10) and equipped with wheels from a motorized carriage. In addition, you will need metal pipes for making the frame, fasteners and a complete set of tools for working with metal.

Step 2

Develop a kinematic diagram of a mini tractor. The torque from the engine of the walk-behind tractor will be transmitted to the intermediate shaft through a roller chain. Also, with the help of a chain, the tractive effort is transmitted to the drive wheels of the tractor. Provide a brake (preferably a band brake) on the output shaft. A gear change lever will be located along the axis of the entire structure. Start control is carried out by the starter pedal located at the bottom and left of the walk-behind tractor.

Step 3

Design the placement of the kinematic diagram in such a way that the structure is balanced without additional loads on the front axle of the trailer carrier beam. This is especially important if you plan to use a baby tractor to move loads.

Step 4

Weld the frame from metal pipes and steel corners. Provide a fork with a sleeve to pivot the trailer horizontally. Weld “cheeks” to the housing of the bearing unit in a circle. Weld the output shaft tightly to the gussets of the socket located at the bottom of the frame on the backbone.

Step 5

Make a body from sheet steel with a side height of at least 300 mm. It is possible to make a body in the shape of an irregular pentagon by laying it on the sidewalls welded to a thick-walled pipe with a diameter of 50 mm. Insert the semi-axles of the trailer wheels into the same pipe, fastening them with bolts.

Step 6

Bolt the padded seat 800-850mm from the front end of the backbone. Make a seat for the driver from a thick sheet of plywood, on which place a piece of foam rubber, covering it with leatherette or thick fabric on top.

Step 7

To reduce the noise of a running motor-block engine, use a resonator from a Zhiguli car and a pre-cut muffler, for example, from a Voskhod motorcycle.

Step 8

Equip the mini tractor with a trailing device that allows you to use mounted agricultural and other implements (plow, cultivator, for winter - a scraper for cleaning snow, and so on).

Step 9

After fully assembling the machine, debugging the units and checking the functionality, paint the metal frame parts in some practical color. Your tractor is now ready for its many chores.

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