What Is The Difference Between Cigarettes And Cigarettes

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What Is The Difference Between Cigarettes And Cigarettes
What Is The Difference Between Cigarettes And Cigarettes
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The difference between cigarettes and cigarettes is not too great, but still significant. First of all, you need to figure out what cigarettes are and what are cigarettes.

What is the difference between cigarettes and cigarettes
What is the difference between cigarettes and cigarettes

Definition of cigarettes and cigarettes

Cigarettes are dense paper cylinders filled with shredded tobacco. Cigarettes almost always have a filter that removes some of the harmful substances from the smoke. Cigarettes are about two-thirds full of tobacco. Their prototypes appeared among the American Indians, from where they were brought to Europe by Columbus. The Indians wrapped the shredded tobacco in wide corn leaves and smoked. We got the usual shape of the cigarette thanks to Phillip Morris, which produced Marlboro cigarettes. Originally the Marlboros were aimed at women, but a good advertising campaign managed to attract the interest of men as well. The paper in cigarettes is uniform along its entire length.

One strong cigarette can contain up to 1.5 ml of nicotine.

Cigarettes are made of special tissue paper, rolled into cylinders, which are also filled with ground tobacco leaves. To one of the sides of this cylinder, another thicker paper is glued to prevent the tobacco from entering the mouth. It is convenient to hold a cigarette for this dense cylinder made of cardboard, in fact, it works as a mouthpiece. Cigarettes are filled with tobacco only one third of their length. Ordinary cigarettes smolder, and cigarettes, thanks to special paper, just burn slowly. That is why a cigarette by itself practically cannot go out, and for a cigarette it is in the order of things. It is almost impossible to find cigarettes with filters. It is believed that the smoke of cigarettes is more lively in comparison with the cigarette smoke, the "taste" of tobacco is better felt in it. Of course, this is a plus if the tobacco in cigarettes is of high quality.

Tobacco for cigarettes

Different tobacco blends are used in the production of cigarettes and cigarettes. In each specific case, the composition of the mixture depends on the declared recipe of the product. Cigarette tobacco is usually less dense, it contains less mineral and tobacco dust, which is separated during the cigarette making stage. Tobacco for these tobacco products, after mandatory drying, is processed in a special installation, where it turns into a light, fluffy mass. It is at this stage that it is cleared of impurities.

In the mouthpieces of expensive cigarettes, there is a layer of cotton wool, which reduces the strength of the inhaled smoke.

The sensation of smoking a cigarette is very different from the sensation of smoking a cigarette. The burning temperature of cigarette tobacco is much lower than that of a cigarette. As mentioned above, tobacco in cigarettes is concentrated in one third of the total volume, despite this, cigarettes are much stronger than cigarettes.

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