What Is The Time Difference Between Moscow And Thailand

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What Is The Time Difference Between Moscow And Thailand
What Is The Time Difference Between Moscow And Thailand

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If you are going to relax at a resort, which is located seven thousand kilometers from home, you need to find out for yourself one important question. What's the time difference between your countries?


Every detail that you take into account when planning your trip will make your life much easier later. The number of such details depends on the distance that you have to cover. You can rest in a country located in comfortable proximity to Moscow, such as: Turkey, Egypt, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Croatia, etc. Flights to these countries are fast and direct. Perhaps the only difficulty on the route will be to get out of the duty-free shop in time.

Having decided on a long-distance flight from one point of the planet to another, with the intersection of several time zones, you need to know the time difference with your destination. Especially if the route involves one or more transfers.

Briefly about time zones

UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) is the standard by which society regulates clocks and times. UTC was introduced to replace the old Greenwich Mean Time, GMT.

7,075 km separate the capitals of Russia and Thailand, according to the Free Map Tools website, recommended by the Google team for measuring the exact distance between cities. In total, you have to spend at least nine hours in flight and cross three time zones.

The exact answer to the question about the time difference between Moscow and Thailand will be "+3 hours by Moscow time." According to the accepted world standards for measuring world time, in Thailand UTS / GMT + 7 hours, and in Moscow - UTS / GMT + 4 hours. Unlike Russia, there is one time zone throughout the Kingdom of Thailand. Before the abolition of daylight saving time in the Russian Federation in March 2011, the difference with Thailand was one hour more.

But this is not the only thing a traveler needs to know before departure. The problem of time lag is not only about having time to turn the clock hands and control the transfer between planes.

What to expect from jet lag

Not everyone succeeds in crossing three time zones without consequences for the body. Most passengers on your plane will experience jet lag syndrome on the very first day of arrival in Thailand. This is when your health worsens for several days. How long this condition will last can be calculated using the methodology posted on the pages of the Michigan Medical University website.

Jetlag (Time Zone Change Syndrome) is a phenomenon of a person's rhythm mismatch with the daily rhythm, caused by a rapid change of time zones when flying by plane.

The time to restore health when flying from west to east is equal to 2/3 of the number of crossed time zones. For a flight from Moscow to Thailand, this period is about two days. Recovery after the Thailand - Moscow flight will take up to one and a half days, since in this case you need to divide the number of time zones in half.

If this is your first long voyage in the air, it is possible that your jet lag will not go very smoothly for you. When buying a voucher from a Russian travel agency, you should not plan excursions for the very first days of your vacation. With a headache or nausea, all the pleasure of traveling will be ruined. It will be better if two or three days after landing you give yourself to the sea, sand and masseur.

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