Where To Take Batteries

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Where To Take Batteries
Where To Take Batteries

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Used batteries should never be disposed of as normal waste. A large amount of hazardous substances that are harmful to both the environment and human health are hidden under the body of this automobile unit. The body of an old battery corrodes the acid inside with sludge. The acid itself and the lead contained in the battery get into the soil and groundwater. Therefore, people who are not indifferent to the environment and their own health donate used batteries to special collection points.

Where to take batteries
Where to take batteries


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A specialized company accepts old batteries for a fee. Dealers will pay the owner of an old car battery from 100 to 300 rubles apiece. Then the spent unit will go to the processing plant. If the battery is not alkaline, but acidic, the company will add soda to it and neutralize the harmful substance. Then, the crushed battery is sent to a high-temperature furnace and pure lead is obtained. Getting this metal this way - from recycled materials - is much cheaper than extracting it from ore. If the owner of the old battery is concerned about the environment, he can check the license with the management of the collection point. The fact is that many resellers, mostly without official permission, pour acid from them onto the ground or into a nearby body of water before handing over the batteries to the factory.

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An old car battery can be taken to a battery factory. Businessmen use it to manufacture a new unit. And in return they will give either a certain amount of money, or a discount on the purchase of a new battery.

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Another option is to take the used battery to the nearest car service. Perhaps they will be able to reanimate and reuse it there. Also, some craftsmen are able to make one working out of two non-working batteries.

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