Where To Complain If The Batteries Are Not Heating

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Where To Complain If The Batteries Are Not Heating
Where To Complain If The Batteries Are Not Heating

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Providing residential buildings with heating is the main task of public utilities. However, with the onset of the heating season, not every house is provided with heat. Interruptions in heating are a rather serious problem that requires urgent measures to resolve this issue.

Where to complain if the batteries are not heating
Where to complain if the batteries are not heating


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So what to do if the cold has already come, and the batteries are barely warm? First of all, it is necessary to urgently contact the management company directly and leave a complaint there about poor heating. You can also call your area's unified dispatch service for your home. In this case, it is advisable to write down the date, application number and personal data of the operator who accepted the claim. According to the rules, on the same day a poorly heated apartment must be visited by a caretaker or an engineer from the management company.

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The arriving utility company will definitely carry out control measurements of the temperature in order to make sure that the complaint has been received. As a rule, the temperature is measured at the inner wall of each room, and in the kitchen and bathroom - at a distance of one meter from the wall, at a height of one and a half meters from the floor. Based on the results of the check, an act is drawn up in two copies, one of which is handed over to the owner of the apartment. If the temperature indicators are below normal, then the management company must immediately take measures to eliminate the problem that has arisen, which is resolved mainly within 7 days.

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If the utilities for some reason could not provide assistance, then you can complain about the unsatisfactory operation of the heating systems by calling the hotline. The operator on duty will definitely give the necessary clarifications on all issues of interest and even advise where to contact in a given situation. It should be noted that the operation of the equipment and the operators themselves are constantly monitored. In addition, incoming calls and answers from specialists are recorded on a special device.

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It is important to know that on weekends and at night, all hotline phones switch to voice mail mode, with the help of which all calls are recorded. After which they are registered and sent for execution to the housing inspectorate of the administrative district. The term for considering and taking action on an urgent problem is from 1 to 5 days. All other issues are resolved within a month.

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It is worth noting that the work of all managing organizations is monitored by the state housing inspection, which will help to find a council for utilities that perform their duties in bad faith.

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