Where To Take Old Batteries

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Where To Take Old Batteries
Where To Take Old Batteries

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The more actively modern mankind uses all kinds of technology, the more acute is the issue of recycling old used batteries. If in most countries of Europe, America and Japan the issue of disposal of old batteries is solved at the state level, in our country the solution of such problems is in its infancy.

Where to take old batteries
Where to take old batteries


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If in order to purchase a new battery, say, in Japan, it is necessary to hand over the old one, and, bypassing this step, it is basically impossible to acquire a new battery, then in Russian garage cooperatives it is quite possible to observe deposits of old batteries, the disposal of which nobody cares about.

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The processing is carried out mainly by large factories. And this is the main problem. Large factories accept for processing only serious batches of batteries, weighing from several tons. Obviously, such a plant will not be able to hand over a single battery for recycling. That is why most often the most "convenient" solution is simply to throw away your old battery. True, such a "convenient" method can easily lead to very sad consequences, both in the short and in the long term. At the same time, if you look into the situation, it turns out that you can get rid of a malicious device not only quickly and without unnecessary problems, but also with your own benefit.

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In many cities, the so-called accumulation companies are actively working. These are small companies that buy and store old batteries until the batch reaches industrial volumes.

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In their absence, similar functions are performed by offices for the purchase of non-ferrous metals. It is also quite possible to hand over the used battery there. Moreover, to pass it for an additional, albeit small, fee. If desired, you can even agree on the removal of unnecessary batteries by the transport of the buying company. Thus, with very little effort, you can get rid of unnecessary equipment and take care of the environment to your advantage.

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