What Can Make A Man Cry

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What Can Make A Man Cry
What Can Make A Man Cry

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A crying person is not uncommon. Through tears, people express joy, experience sorrow. You can see the droplets flowing from the eyes not only in women, but also in men. What makes them cry?

Tears are an expression of the state of mind
Tears are an expression of the state of mind

Men claim they never cry. If tears appear in their eyes, it is only from the strong wind. But a cunning female nature will always find a way to make a man cry. However, a woman will not necessarily be the cause of men's tears. Scientists conducted studies in which they tried to find out from men themselves what could make them cry.

After the research, materials were published, they were overgrown with comments from psychologists and other men. With a detailed study of this issue, it is possible to identify certain groups of events and things that can cause tears in men.

Books, films and cartoons

If books and films cause tears in a small category of men, then many representatives of the stronger sex cannot resist cartoons. Touching cartoons that cause tears are often associated with strong friendships, relationships within the family (this does not mean relationships in a couple, but between parents and children).

Someone is crying at Ratatouille or Up. Other men admit to crying at Harry Potter. One thing is safe to say: books, films and cartoons are ways to cause tears in the eyes of not only girls, but also men.

From impotence

When a man's life does not go well, he feels confused, and his male pride shows itself, sometimes from a whiny side. This is especially true of situations when everything goes awry for a man: there is no job, no beloved woman, he does not see further prospects. Tears in this condition are often associated with concomitant depression and stress. It is better not to drive the man further into his mental disorder, but to try to help in such a situation.

Real grief

The most unpleasant category of events that can make men cry is the death of relatives and friends, serious illnesses of friends and relatives. In such situations, tears in your eyes appear from powerlessness and from the inability to change the situation. One must survive the event, as well as learn to live on with this burden on the soul and enjoy life.

Also, some men cry because of strong love. But not in moments of an attack of romance and unity, but when a girl leaves a man. This event can not only cause strong tears, but also resentment for many years. Knowing what can make a man cry, you need to take care of him and try to bring more positive into life. Let tears appear in your eyes only from happiness or tenderness.

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