How To Repair A Membrane

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How To Repair A Membrane
How To Repair A Membrane

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Membrane fabric (Gore-Tex) has a porous structure. It is used for the manufacture of tourist clothing and sports equipment. It is not blown by the wind and does not get wet. Gore-Tex must be rebuilt after use in extreme conditions: long exposure to the sun, constant humidity and precipitation, abrasion on a rough surface. If the fabric of your product has not lost its density, you followed the instructions for use, then you can restore the membrane.

How to repair a membrane
How to repair a membrane


Stain remover and impregnation for membrane fabrics


Step 1

Gore-tex fabric should be handled with care, because the structure of the fabric loses its properties if cleaning agents are not used correctly. It is only necessary to restore a clean cloth so that dirt particles do not clog into the pores of the membrane. Use products purchased from specialized sports and camping equipment stores.

Step 2

Use a soft brush to remove external dirt from the fabric. If the clothes are heavily soiled, add stain remover to the powder dispenser. If you purchased a stain remover spray, spray it on the stains before loading the laundry. Place the clothes in the washing machine, pour the detergent into the powder dispenser in the proportion indicated on the back of the bottle. Set the "impregnation" mode. If there is no such mode, make the temperature no more than 30-35 degrees and spin up to 600 rpm. If your washing machine does not have these functions, you will have to wash it by hand to avoid damaging the fabric.

Step 3

After finishing the wash, take out the clothes and leave them to drain and dry, having previously straightened them so that there are no kinks on the fabric.

Step 4

After the fabric is completely dry, spray the impregnation evenly over it. Multiple coats may be required depending on the manufacturer. This will preserve the main properties of the Gore-Tex material. This step is the most important in the restoration, so carefully treat the places where the fabric has become less elastic or has lost texture.

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